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Shoujoboy's This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Tv Review

Rated: 7

Again, KonoMini proves to be a horribly unfortunate show. It had all the ingredients it needed to do something great, yet fell short when it went down the road of "been there and done that." Maybe I wouldn't see it so bad had it been one of my first animes, but as I see it it just used entirely too much of the generic plot devices that has been used by its predecessors. All it isn't lost though. Likeable characters, well executed ending and great music and voice acting makes it a fun enough watch. But in the end it's just an average show that will soon be forgotten.

*Disclaimer* I'm well aware that this review may not be up to my usual standard, but writing reviews for shows that you just see as 'meh' are the hardest ones to write.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

One of the good moe series I liked with good characters and just the right amount of fanservice (not too much to overwhelm), the characters of Akari and Hikari are cute and loveable. One thing I wished that this series did was make it longer to flesh out the characters better, like 24 eps. and if a certain imouto didn't interfere with her ni-san's close bond to Akari. VA Jessica Boone was quite adorable as Akari, but I wish another VA played Hikari, I didn't like Cynthia Martinez' performance.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

quite good for an old one and since its old, its filled up with flaws... like voice acting was not satisfactory, presentation.. The story was quite good and it could be excellent.. I say SOME ONE SHOULD REDO THE ANIME with reforming the story (with minuet changes) and re stream it... Good story line 9.75 for that

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