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A peasant woman receives a barleycorn from a beggar, in exchange for giving her food; after the barleycorn seed sprouts and flowers, a little girl emerges from the flower. Due to her size, the peasants name her "Thumbelina". One day, an old toad catches a glimpse of the girl and, deciding she would be a proper wife for her son, kidnaps Thumbelina; luckily, a school of fish takes pity on the desolate girl and helps her escape. But she is captured again, this time by a beetle, with the same intention of making her his bride; however, with the other beetles commenting on Thumbelina's only two legs and "ugliness", he changes his mind and abandons her.

Now all alone, Thumbelina learns to fend for herself by building a small hut and gathering food. As winter draws near, the cold makes it increasingly difficult for her to survive; one day she comes across the house of a field mouse, who agrees to provide her with shelter in exchange for Thumbelina doing chores and telling her stories. While wandering around in an underground passage, Thumbelina comes across a swallow she initially presumes to be dead, but which turns out to be only frozen. The swallow is thankful of Thumbelina's help and returns to rescue her when the field mouse plans to wed the girl to her blind neighbor, a mole. He takes her to the King of Fairies, a being no taller than Thumbelina herself; the two fall in love and get married, with Thumbelina receiving the title of Fairy Queen, as well as a pair of wings.

Description: pandemonium91

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