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Hachiko's To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Tv Review

Rated: 9

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun is best-watched with the main story itself, To Aru Majutsu no Index. But it can be watched on its own. What’s the secret? It's how you adapt the plot. Whether it's a side story or the feature, if you stick to how the plot goes without compromising anything, you are witnessing something special. And that’s what you get with Railgun.

I declare To Aru Kagaku no Railgun as the best spin-off since the Nanoha franchise. It's got an expert cast, a nice OP and ED, and visual theatrics to boot. If only a certain nun from England were viewing this from afar…

A must-watch. Recommended. And yes, Index Librorum Prohibitorum...we miss you.

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Member Opinions

banraider rated 8.00:

well , the first 16 episodes was great and full of action and exciting although it's kind of not very natural that one girl can do all this, i mean Misaka destroy all the laboratories, fight 3 powerful girls (Mugino, Frenda, takitsubo) and fight the Accelerator all by herself, as for the rest of the series I didn't like it at all, what’s the big deal about a little girl? It’s so silly, I rate it 8 for the graphics, the Sisters Arc and the comedy, I really don’t like the characters very much except Misaka, she’s so adorable, I think that’s why I watched this anime.

SevaVioletShadow rated 6.50:

Nice story of jc stuff , i like the graphics very much, i like the story but i didn't understand a lot of things because i didn't watch the first season of it i thought this is the first one, i wonder why i didn't understand the second season so well, and i am not intened to because i liked only the sisters arc only i didn't like the other arc about Fibrie i predict it gonna be boring and predictable and meaningless only just a filling for the story that's all and my guess was right i didn't like it, and by the way i hate the main character friends so much i only liked the main character Misaka she is so strong and the only thing i found it weird that how can a girl in the elementary grade can deal with the all evil inside the town and get rid of them i mean when she gonna grow up and be a woman what's she gonna look like ? a super robot hero hahaa!! i find it hard to believe.

MisaSasekage rated 9.00:

Railgun is a nice side story. Misaka's ability is awesome; she is my favorite female character from Railgun, though she is very hot tempered. Kuroko is hilarious; the girl is just a very funny character to watch!! Watching her bang her head on a table just because Misaka was off talking to a group of guys, fasely flirting to get necessary info out of them and to get them to drop their guard totally had me laughing like crazy. Also a lot of Kuroko's weird attempts to seduce Misaka, along with all her little crazy schemes were funny in a way, though obsessive. I always thought Hiyama looked and acted suspiciously, so from seeing her I kinda figured she'd be a villain, though it was nice to see that she grew to care for her students over some time and really did all all that because she wanted to get her students back. It was the wrong way to go about doing things. I did think it was kinda sad seeing Ruiko had no abilities whatsoever. And I knew at least eventually in the show she'd be tempted into trying something dangerous, just so she would feel like she could be of help to the others and not be left out, it was understandable in a way and completely reckless in another. Densei was crazy and weirded me out when she laughed. I like the opening; I thought the full version sounded pretty good. Some of the actually soundtrack was pretty good as well. All in all a pretty good show. Watching Railgun S^^ Definitely looking forward to where the second season takes me^^ Accelerator still is pretty badass. The season season ended well in my opinion and wrapped up the arc about Febri and her sister pretty well. ^^

ray-slifer rated 9.00:

Lovely animation designs, plot maybe a bit too much but character personalities are exquisite. Though I haven't finished watching it yet, but hopefully I will be hooked more to it.

My favourite characters are Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai and Harumi Kayama (I think that's her last name).

Anyways, it's a great anime. Too-great-to-be-hooked anime actually. XD

Taavi rated 8.25:

Great character design and crisp animation, though the plot is a bit less interesting that the main story's. The flow of the story is not too fast, that makes it easy to follow. On the other hand, it gets a bit too slow at times. I have to admit, though, the concept is excellent.