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Rito Yuuki is living a normal life; he loves Haruna Sairenji but that doesn't seem to go so well between them because Rito can't muster the courage to confess to her.

Rito's normal life changes when a strange alien girl suddenly appears in his house. It turns out that the girl, Lala Satalin Deviluke, is the princess and heir to the throne of the distant alien planet Deviluke, and that her father wanted her to go through an arranged marriage. But Lala doesn't want that, so she ran away from home. Now wanting to stay on Earth, Lala declares the very confused Rito as her future husband. And if that weren't enough, what does she do most of the time? Create random robots as crazy as her!

Description: Yagami1211

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Member Opinions


While I like the mangaka, I mainly acquired these series because it was a good price. Especially as we get into the second season and beyond, it just focuses too much on fanservice instead of the comedy. I'd rather have the comedy.

Sherry223 Sherry223

I love To-Love-Ru and I watch it over and over again. It does have some ecchi parts but it is somewhat funny at the same time. I'm currently watching To-Love-Ru Darkness and I'm glad the authors are continuing this anime.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Probably the best harem type anime out there!
The female characters are very cute and interesting and the episodes are all each outrageous and entertaining in their own way. My only complaint really is that the ending feels rushed, this series could have continued and still been interesting. It may be slightly embarrassing to say, but I definitely rank this series among my top 10!

MK2010 MK2010

The manga was enough for me so i didn't need to to watch the anime I'am fine with that. The manga is great, i loved all the characters and the design was great, too bad that the end was so rushed! There were too many things left unfinished, too bad.

ghost945 ghost945

season 1 visually pleasing. season 2 contains more fan services. great stuff. strong seiyuu cast backs up characters. female characters' artworks are some of the best among recent anime history. artist's skills is impressive, showing even higher level of details than his previous works, namely black cat. having introduced aliens characters into the story, the whole plot lights up with funny moments which unlike other stories using similar background, these aliens characters are given higher IQ and common sense. making it realistic and easier to accept. downside for me is there's just a little too many females. there maybe a season 3 as current manga is continuing.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

A perfect romantic anime.. though its ECHII .. and such stuff is not promoted or recommended by me.. even so the STUFF which involved, i would say that it was actually the SOUL to the anime.. which means that the story line, the presentation all was in vain if that stuff was to removed.. I recommend this to all romantic anime fans...

e1ectric e1ectric

Good series with a lot of fan service. Somewhat weak on plot, but if you like anime panties then this is the series for you. There is more fan service in this anime than any of the other anime series I've watched.

LonelyAmure LonelyAmure

To-LOVE-Ru is a manga currently being drawn by Kentaro Yabuki, creator of black cat, and its Anime adaptation, simply, though, doesn't seem to stand up in the long run.
Everything you expect to find in the long, fruit-filled manga, most of it is not there in the anime, and it's filled with tons of filler because the director at the studios wanted to keep some stuff longer than they're supposed to be. Of course, To-LOVE-ru is an awesome manga, filled with some of the fruitiest and awkward moments and also a lot of kawaii art.
The anime, in the long run, it's ok. It does represent the story as close as it does, but more or less you'll see various characters pop up here and there for a comical return into Rito's life. All of the characters are unique, the story is unique, and the way they put this together is pretty nice after you think of it for a while.
If it were as good as it was, and XEBEC makes another season of it, then it shouldn't been so short. Animes deserve to be longer, as much as you want the viewers to know that you're putting an effort in. I just hope they return with another season installment, and hopefully they put a lot more effort and focus, and then it will truly get the 10 stars it deserves and the manga gets.

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

A romance anime that many claim are a tamed echii, however I see different. So far it's a great romance comedy, involving quite a bit of echii here and there, but I actually have to take back the tamed echii some episodes it's more like kiddy porn then anything else since it just doesn't work...(if you know what I mean...) and it kinda gets boring and repetitive rather quickly. The laughs are all there, and the jokes while good for the most part, just lead to bad echii attempts which leave you...dull...and empty...


Admittedly it had it's moments but they were few and far between.Ultimately this is one of those cases where what the anime lacked was greater than what it had.The manga was much better the anime was just foolish.Afraid that I could'nt even finish it.Has a good theme song though.

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