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The anime adaptation Togainu no Chi is based on a boys-love eroge originally released in 2005 by Nitro+' branch Nitro+CHiRAL, about a post-apocalyptic street fighter named Akira.

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Weskalia's Togainu no Chi Tv Review

Rated: 3

Here we go again, if you think Hakuouki is the year's worst bishi then you're not wrong, but now we have another runner-up. Togainu no Chi, in a way, proves to be no different than those "gorgeously poisonous mushrooms;" you tasted it, and you have to do something quick to cleanse your poor stomach. Honestly, if you don't want to waste your time then keep your distance away from this crap, or this genre because nothing's good will come out. A fan of bishi, yaoi with lots of action? There are plenty of those you can find elsewhere. Just stay away, and if you’re only in it because of the bishi, google for wallpapers of them instead.

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Member Opinions

SatsugaiTenma888 SatsugaiTenma888

Awesome artwork, a tad bloody and gory, but pretty good. The ending was a little disappointing, but don't let me opinions stop you. The character design is really good, especially Akira and Shiki! xD If the series itself doesn't really appeal to you, for those who like explicit yaoi, there are great doujinshi's between almost all the characters!

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Nice concept but wasted. The story is about a mortal game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in which Akira, the main character, is forced to participate to get rid of a false accusation of murder. The idea of this game is original but the part that Akira takes in it is insignificant. Moreover, many situations are left without explanation, many questions don't have an answer in the end. And, about the end, it leaves you at the most awkward. Damn!

SHIKI: "Every time you look at me with those eyes, I want to conquer you. Slowly, taking my time while doing it..."

KazablanKa KazablanKa

this anime is one good anime but so not the best(at all)
it's just the same story:a cool guy dragged into a war(or battles) against his will,but there is something weird (special) about him (his blood here)
and every one wants him,also he'v got that friend who gets worried about him;also the evil(dark-vicious)-shiki-who(for a reason i don't get)never kills akira even though he'v got the chance(always)...OH wait,i know why,cuz akira must win in the end and that's what hepens..pla pla pla pla
but it wasn't really this bad,what i hated most was that kuski(wrong spelling,i know) must die in the second half of episode 11
and that was after they hardly tried to save him from death after drinking the rain and akira's blood !?
well,after's up to you to watch or not ;)

Mayuuki Mayuuki

Bishies, drama, blood and fight. This is how I can describe it, and to be sincere it's a good combination for me. I just think that it's too short, I would prefer more episodes to see more of their pretty faces (and bodys). :3
Akira looks like Zero (of VK) for me in many aspects, including body and personality, and maybe for it I just adore him. But, how forgot of Keisuke, Rin, Shiki and the blond haired boy that I forgot the name, huh? They are really good characters too, and for me they made a lot of fangirls happy around the world (including me).
How everybody says that the manga is better, I'll read it too. ~

Dyuu Dyuu

I heard this anime adopted from BL game. Since it's interested me, I tried to watch it. Many people said that they didnt like it coz the anime isn't BL at all. N I dunno... I can't say I hate it. Shiki is just awesome! I like him. BL or not, I stil like this anime bcoz of him! ^^ The stroy... good, I think. But not too much.

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Meeeh... not enough yaoi T.T The anime started off good and then slowly went downhill from there. Not only did they abandon the yaoi that was abundant in the game, but the character development was slow and typical. The voice acting was alright but the art after a while became just... plain weird. I enjoyed watching it only because I was such a fan of Shiki, but now I'm not really a fan. I'll still long for a re-make or a second season in which they go back to yaoi or put some more effort into it.

garnetyuna garnetyuna

Well, I think It's the worst anime I have ever watched. So, although I rated it "1", it's actually "0".
I started to watch it 'cause of the BL game (that I didn't played though), but it was so disappointing. The art was so-so and in some parts even bad. The only thing that was "decent" was the music, the background music to be specific. I really like the song "Tears Of Rose", and I kinda like the opening "Rose Hip-Bullet".

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