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The Sumeragi clan births Japan's most powerful onmyouji, magicians with the power to spiritually protect, destroy, or exorcise energy - including souls. Subaru Sumeragi is the most powerful onmyouji to date, and with his twin sister Hokuto, moves to Tokyo to hone his craft and learn to be 'normal.'
However, the Sumeragi clan is rivalled in power by the Sakurazuka clan, whose most powerful member is the Sakurazukamori - a hired assassin, whose job it is to feed a cherry tree with the blood from their victims.

Seishirou Sakurazuka was a veterinarian who seemed like the perfect man for Subaru, being kind, attractive, and seemingly able to protect himself. Hokuto Sumeragi encourages this relationship, and both she and Seishirou succeed in making Subaru blush with their professions of love.

Unbeknownst to Subaru, the one he holds in his heart has ulterior reasons for being there, and the one he is closest to may not be there for long...

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Lacusklein83's Tokyo Babylon Tv Review

Rated: 7

Overall, the presentation of the animation was good but somewhat disappointing after reading the original manga. The biggest set back in the animation was the fact that things were not fully explained in it. Especially the essence in Subaru and Seishirou's relationship. This created many problems I've found with people who have not read the manga and watch the animation. During the opening of the second OVA, it is shown of Subaru's encounter in the Sakura orchard. However, it is never truely explained. Though Seishirou mentions the bet, nothing more is said. The original humor and spiritual themes were maintained, making it enjoyable to watch. Though the stories were more originals made for the animation, it still is a modest recommandation for the Clamp fan.

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Member Opinions

Suxinn Suxinn

/Manga/ Started out a bit slow, but it eventually turned into a pretty nice read. Subaru/Seishirou fangirling aside, Tokyo Babylon makes some really nice points about society as a whole, all without sounding too preachy. Definitely among Clamp's best.

aozoraskies aozoraskies

I feel like cutting points just 'cos Seishirou is such a pedo.. But that wouldn't be fair. After all, even with spoilers abound, the manga and its art and style could keep me reading and looking for the next scene and messed with my emotions plenty. Truly quite a powerful read, in the long run.

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