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The year is 2020 AD. The crime rate in Tokyo is now through the roof, with crimes in the open being a common occurrence, and crimes against women being among the most frequent. The police are swamped by the number of cases, and most criminals either get away or return to the streets shortly after being imprisoned.

In this world, the recently orphaned Kozuki siblings - Tsukasa, Toshiyuki, Shou and Takumi - give their all to survive on the streets, armed with only their "cop kid" pride after the landlady kicks them out. As there's no other way out, Tsukasa asks for help from her classmate Ryuuji Shirogami...who also happens to be the leader of Kuryugumi, the biggest yakuza syndicate in the Kanto region, and whose father was also recently murdered. Ryuuji agrees to help out Tsukasa and her siblings, but keeps their tally of her expenses and uses every opportunity to increase them. Desperate, Tsukasa begrudgingly agrees to become Ryuuji's bodyguard and soon finds her perception of the yakuza changing.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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  • Tokyo Crazy Paradise

    Tokyo Crazy Paradise

  • Tokyo Crazy Paradise

    Tokyo Crazy Paradise

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Definitely one of my favorite manga, with a good balance of action, romance and humor. Even though it stands at 19 volumes I didn't feel like it was drawn out and enjoyed the plot. The only complaints I have are in regards to the art (some characters look too mature, with VERY long legs) and the fact that Kuryugumi...doesn't really do anything as a crime syndicate. No gun, drug or human trafficking, no gambling, yet we're supposed to believe that they're the head group in the area?

Tsukasa is a capable, altruistic protagonist with an attitude that should be found more often in female leads. The most intriguing aspect for me were the dynamics between her and the other characters, especially Asago; their behavior is believable, and no one on the "good" side is 100% good. Ryuuji is the stoic type, which makes it even more satisfying when Tsukasa manages to annoy him. Another good aspect is the fact that the plot moves on fairly fast from the school setting, which makes sense since it's a yakuza-themed story and you can't stay students forever.

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