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Prequel to Tokyo Ghoul:RE, which takes place 5 years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul.

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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The adaption was poorly done, censoring and skipping over a lot of things. Though I hope if it gets a second season it will be done better. The manga was way better, sad that it ended in such a weird place story-wise though. Because it was way too abrupt. Hopefully it continues at a later date.

Alenas Alenas

As many had already stated, this could've been done so much better to give the manga some justice. The start was okay and then after a few episodes, it all kind of started going too fast which is no wonder since they tried to squeeze 60+ chapters of manga into 12 episodes of anime and a lot of things were skipped and thrown out. And the inverted colors as censorship and other ways of censoring things were off-putting as well. They chose to do a seinen manga, gore and mature themes should have been done accordingly. The soundtrack and voice acting was okay, though and the animation wasn't that bad either so that's the plus of the anime. I still think the manga is better and I think I'll stick to that, despite the announced Season 2 of anime.

7.5 on my part.


Over-all, I think that the zombie reinvention in Tokyo Ghoul is, quite frankly, disturbing. I mean, wow, zombies with sentience... Great. Which makes the series interesting to watch actually because it will make you believe that all is lost for humankind etc. EXCEPT (spoiler alert) there are humans that can go neck and neck with these mostrosities. Shocking, right?
Now, all is well and good and until episode 10, I thought that I can rate this series 7.5 (or maybe a solid 8 at the highest), but then that's where I realized that the pacing was off. No offense to the amount of effort put into the first 10 episodes, but episode 12 just has SO MUCH impact, that I've watched it nearly as many times as Shougo Makishima's death scene. In my honest opinion, producer should've stretched the ending out more and cut the Doves' screen time.
The other thing that made me like the series less is the fact that after all his griping and suffering, the protag got an epic power boost, again, in the bitter end. And I think that the importance of his being a hybrid is overshadowed by the fact that he was kidnapped... Wow. There should've been more substance to his character (and Hide's too) but there isn't much that can be done in 12 episodes.
For the plus points: powerful opening song by TK, who coincidentally sung Psycho Pass' op. Unravel's mood actually matches the mood of the entire series. (The ed is laid back, but still pretty memorable). And as I said in the beginning, super saiyan and no they're not really dead zombies are the bomb this season.
So, without further ado, I rate this ANIME (without iiinfluece from the manga) a 7.

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