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A very kawaii anime about five girls who become infused with the DNA of endangered animals and gain special powers to fight evil. They are Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro: all are from different backgrounds and each one is likeable in her own way. Together, they protect the earth from the kirema anima that are determined to take over their planet.

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Syeung321's Tokyo Mew Mew Tv Review

Rated: 7

I think that this anime I quite good but maybe not worth buying but downloading, definitely! I think that this anime kind of dragged a bit too long so if you don’t like long animes that drag for ages (I think it’s 52 episodes) don’t watch it. I gotta say, though, the anime producers really know how to keep you occupied and entertained throughout the series and I never once thought it was boring.

One thing I definitely didn’t like was Ichigo’s pose. Of all the Mew Mews, why chose the main leader and design such a crap (sorry but that’s the only way I can describe it) pose? And there were also unnecessary moves during the transformation which really kind of put me off (because it’s really lame) so that whenever she transforms, I skip it.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

Well, this anime is too girly for my liking, kinda reminds me of Sailor Moon because of their similar magic attacks. The plot is really simple. I watched it I was 10 and I loved this show that time, so I think the plot must be very interesting for a ten-year-old girl. The characters are cute, their costumes and transformations are cute and colorful too. The music is very standard, nothing really remarkable or memorable.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

Ok so I read this back in middle school when my expectations with manga were lower. Back then I liked it but now I am all-bleh- with this. I mean- really? Aliens are invading so their brightest idea is to take 12 year old girls and fuze them with endangered animals? Really? They couldn't form a better idea? And also Ichigo is an awful Mary Sue!
Anyway I give this a low grade because I don't like it... simple as that


I'm a bit blurry on the details on this show, but I remember it being my first. I first watched it on 4kids (yes boo me) and then saw that it had never really ended, I forgot about it, but a few months later I decided to find the ending on the internet. I found there that there was no dubbed version I only found the subbed version, and well I hate seeing things unfinished I decided to watch the subbed version from the very beginning and that's where subs won my heart. The voices and stories were way better than the dubbed version, I look down on most dubbed versions (some are still good though) and I'm glad. I'm starting to lean off the subs and am starting to watch raw versions of the shows.
Back from my ramblings. I do love the costumes, the stories were nice and Ichigo's (way better name than Zoey, even if it is clichéd) craziness did not go unnoticed, like every girl, her feelings are very strong.

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

SO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE ITS SCARY. XD My favorite Mew is Zakuro the grey wolf, but that's just me. <3 I own the manga completely, but none of the anime. T-T I want to, though, cuz this is an anime that I would watch to cheer me up any day. :D

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Stupid plot.
All the males in the story are all pedophiles.
The girls take 5 minutes to morph into battle form in every episode.
And the protagonist uses a pink, fluffy BELL as a weapon. For Christ's sake.
If I were the villain, the show would be over in the first episode.

ChiyukiHiro ChiyukiHiro

This series was the first manga series I ever read, it will always have a place in my heart. I really hate that 4kids destroyed it & hope that Funimation will save this series as well (since it's re-english dubbed/dubbing other series that 4kids butchered)! The anime (I think) follows most of the manga & has more detail at the same time. I own manga volumes 1-7 & 1&2 of the A la Mode series. (I also wish Ichigo had picked Kisshu & not that noob, Masaya xP)

WhiteLion WhiteLion

The anime was OK, especially if you're between the ages 6-13, but after a while you kinda grow out of it. I liked the English opening theme, but I though that the fact that the characters' names got changed for the English dub was rather annoying. But still, it's OK if you're having a 'Magical Girl' moment

AskaSun AskaSun

I found the way they were each merged with a different animal was fascinating. It is a pretty cool anime I watched the english version first which was Mew Mew Power but unfortunately it stopped at episode 26 and could not be continued so then I found the japanese version and watched the complete series. :)


The first manga I ever read! Mia Ikumi's art style really influenced my early perceptions of what manga should look like, and a lot of my old drawings drew heavily from the aesthetic of this series. I absolutely detest the 4Kids dub of the anime, and am sincerely hoping the original Japanese version will be much better. It seems alright so far, but I know there are some parts later on that I won't like.


*I have only read the manga* Yup. More magical girl. This was the FIRST manga series I completed. So, it holds a special place in my heart (lol xD) Remember Mew Mew Power on 4kids? Thats what made me want to read this. I wonder what happened to that show? ;~;
~ ~ ~
Favorite Characters: Berry Shirayuki? *Also read

Nariko-Chan Nariko-Chan

An interesting concept for the combination of cat-girls and mahou-shoujos.
One of the first where I was really into the fandom.
Recommended for mahou shoujo fans. [Not the dub, however. That was butchered.]
Read all of it, seen most of the episodes. [Albeit out of order.]
Own some of the manga.

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