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Tagged under Nemuri Netarou Awararu!!, Red Eyes, Red Hair, Long Hair, Waifu.

A high school-age girl who moves house often because of her father's erratic work schedule and trips. These all take a toll on her, and Tonko always has nightmares just after moving and worries that her new classmates will bully her. On the night of the most recent move, she is taken by surprise when a strange man comes into her house. He manages to get away, despite her screaming for her parents and calling the police.

The next day, Tonko meets Netarou Nemuri, a "dream specialist" who announces that he can get rid of her nightmares...and the same pervert from the night before! Despite getting off on the wrong foot (Netarou tries to trick her into not reporting him to the police), she sticks with him for a bit, only to find out surprising new information about her nightmares.

Credit: pandemonium91

Tonko Aoba Scans

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More Scans »

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