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Top o Nerae! Gunbuster

Top o Nerae! Gunbuster Series, OVA

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Despite her talent, and her desire to follow her dead father into space, Noriko Takaya is a perennial underachiever at the Okinawa high school for girl pilots. But her life it turned upside down when new coach Ota picks her to go into space along with "big sister" Kazumi Amano. But the enemy that humanity faces is unreasonable and powerful, without being evil. Can Noriko overcome her personal demons and lack of practice to become a key part of humanity's fight? And what if they return? At the speeds their ships go at, what seem like weeks become years on Earth. What might ultimately be the cost of savng humanity?

Gunbuster blends parody, action and drama, and has inspired a (so far, lighter) sequel.

Credits: minebann

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Shoujoboy's Top o Nerae! Gunbuster Ova Review

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Rated: 6

Gunbuster is a slightly above average show based on it's own merits. I can sit here and say it's because of shows like this that a new genre was created or maybe not created but improved upon due to it's existance, but then I would be giving unjust points to a show that entertains but falls short in the end. I do believe anyone who considers them hardcore enough of a fan of anime should take time to go back in time to see origins and inspirations of their current favorites. It may just give you more of an appreciation of what you are watching now.

Well that'll do for now. Stay tuned, the first disc of Gunbuster II is on it's way to my mailbox right now so expect a review on that in the near future. Let's see how Gunbuster changes after a more than 15 year hiatus.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I truly loved this OVA series, it provided a good story, character development, and an encouraging message that anything can be achieved through will power and effort. Noriko Takaya is my favorite character of this series as she goes through an incredible transformation throughout the six episodes as she develops as a character. Her onee-sama, Kazumi Amano is also a fine character herself as she goes through changes herself throughout the anime. Both Noriko and Kazumi define what great anime characters are. Jung Freud is also a fun character too and really hot, she's among my sexiest red-heads in anime. Coach Ota is one example of the greatness of old-school Norio Wakamoto with his performance. I also love the performances of Noriko Hidaka, Rei Sakuma, and Maria Kawamura in their character roles and these three fine female seiyuu are among my favorites, they need more roles IMHO. Gainax and all the people who created Gunbuster truly made a masterpiece and it is definitely a series that is a must-see.

Tezca Tezca

I've only seen DieBuster for the series (it would only let me put in GunBuster though, for some reason), but just that was enough to make me love the series. If you like mech action that's short, sweet, and to the point, then this is a great choice. Nono is so awesome~

blessedaegis blessedaegis

This was the first anime I ever saw at a friends house. It is cute and has some good themes. One of the things I enjoyed was that it has some real life problems occur , and the characters try to cope with them. Life doesn't always go according to plan ya know?

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