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Lariel's Touka Gettan Tv Review

Rated: 7

Touka Gettan is somewhat between the border of good and average, but it doesn't go beyond that, nor does it belong to the "it's-so-bad-why-did-I-ever-watch-this" category, unless you're more conservative than the average person and you can't stand slight exposure. Touka Gettan is a mixture of harem-ism, humor, romance, but it particularly focuses on the supernatural happenings within the land of Kamitsumihara and it's connection to each characters. It rather digs into depth, but not to a point where you will find yourself immersed in suspense. Touka Gettan has various arcs that surprisingly connects, leading to the end. The fillers episodes also contains fragments and hints that pushes us towards guessing the possible incidents that may happened.

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Member Opinions


Confusing is the word I would use for this series. It is visually amazing, but the story plot is more confusing than a drunken dyslexic in a room of mirrors. I see what they are trying to do( I have only three episodes left to watch) and I am still very confused. I think the writer has tried too hard, and come out writing cluttered copy and just making the watcher way too dumbfounded to like it.

Long story short... if you can watch this, and get it.. more power to ya. I am trying, and I still don't have a clue to most of it. When done, I might amend this if I get that clue.

ghost945 ghost945

great cinemactic effect, innovative way of unfolding story from the end. but, seems to me the whole story is revealed back to front. ie. the last episode should be the first episode, the second last is the second etc. from the original order, it doesn't make much sense. each episode appears to be inconsistent with the next. all we get to know about are the characters and their characteristics but hard to establish their relationships. i watched again back to front, which made much more sense. songs are great. quality of artwork superb.


I love it! It might be confusing at first, but that is because the first episode is actually the last episode and the last episode is actually the first episode. Did you get it? Also, some episodes were presented in a creative way!

Lariel Lariel

One word about Carnelian: her works are fantastic, and the artwork is great too! The series goes about in a chronological manner, so it can be rather confusing at times. I went for the art only though.

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