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Now unable to work properly for their masters, four farm animals band together with the goal of reaching Bremen and living "a fate better than death". If at first the donkey travels alone, he is soon joined by a hunting dog, a cat, and a rooster - all heading for Bremen with high hopes of becoming "town musicians".

On their way, the group stops to rest at a house which, unbeknownst to them, serves as shelter to a band of thieves. To drive them away, the dog jumps on the donkey's back, the cat jumps on the dog's back, the rooster jumps on the cat's back, and all of them start to "sing" at the same time. Their plan is a success, until the robbers return after a few hours to reclaim the loot they had left behind. The captain sends in one of his men to investigate, who flees the house convinced that he'd been scratched by a witch (the cat), stabbed by a man (bitten by the dog), hit by another man (kicked by the donkey), and caught by the judge (crowed at by the rooster). Terrified, the thieves leave the stolen goods to the animals, who either use them to live comfortably until the end of their days, or return them to their rightful owner (who, in some versions of the story, is also their master).

Description: pandemonium91

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