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BushidoGaara BushidoGaara

Well, this anime series didn't stand out as much. The fan service was eh, so-so to below average in my opinion, but the plot of getting rid of the cancers within people was justifying. The plot however kind of left me hanging around the last two episodes. It didn't go anywhere else. One of the shortest anime series I've seen, but I guess this was sort of worth watching.

minayuri minayuri

Quite an amazing series for an ecchi anime, both Arashi and Mikoto are badass characters, even the pop idol girl Oriha has her own badass edge...hell everyone is a badass in this series among the Triage unit. I'd say my favorite character is Mikoto Kiba, she's a passionate character in standing up for what she believes in and she has an awesome sex appeal. For an ecchi show, it is really good because it's not centered on those stupid harem school settings and actually is an adult oriented title. This is another fantastic Shouji Sato title alongside HOTD, he sure knows how to make ecchi have entertainment value through an engaging plot and awesome characters. The quality is much better for the uncensored version. I liked the OVA episode too as it wasn't another cliche hotspring/beach vacation episode and provided a neat extension of Sayo's backstory and the bond that formed between she and Yuko as it developed into a mother/daughter type of relationship when Sayo warmed up. Hopefully there will be another season of this series, the story of these characters are really interesting and I would like see more...the same sentiment is felt for HOTD as well.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Not too impressed by the fanservice & it adds nothing to the series for me, but the darker route on justice is interesting. The anime series was way too short though and didn't get a chance to really go anywhere plot-wise.

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