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Trinity Blood (トリニティ・ブラッド) was originally a light novel series written by Sunao Yoshida and illustrated by Shibamoto Thores.
It was soon adapted to a manga series illustrated by Kiyo Kyujou and an anime.

Credit: KazablanKa

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Corvyie's Trinity Blood Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 7

The show in itself as an Anime is very well-executed. It is enjoyable, certainly captures attention if you can ignore the multiple changes in personality and such and it is worth watching. By far, the Manga is much more better in this aspect, as it provides much more to be enjoyed (and distraught about, in some cases) and it provides much more to be wanted and less to be guessed at. It keeps the audience more at the edge of their seat than the Anime had managed and may just appeal to more people with its various moments of extra added in humor that whilst the Anime does pull off its moments, cannot say to do the humorous aspects quite as well as the Manga had.

The concept of the whole series in the Anime is well-put, the battles between Good vs.

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Member Opinions

Kalrathia Kalrathia

One of my favourite animes ever... Perhaps it hasn't got a good animation or character design -I preffer the original ones by Thores Shibamoto, although they were kind of... overcrowded?- but I like the story. My favourite characters are Ion Fortuna and Esther. They make a very cute couple!
I've read the manga, and I'm waiting to read the novels too!

LuluOokami LuluOokami

A wonderful anime with a story that will draw you deep into it and I'd of giving it a 10, but there was just a few things that could of been better. This is one anime that everyone should watch at least once.

renlilica renlilica

Wow!!! This anime rocks. This anime really defines Vampires the way they are suppose to be, just perfect.
I really like Father abol, he's all sissy but when he transforms he's just wow. I really like his vampire form. I also like his sister she's small but really powerful, especially her power which is sound. The plot is awesome.


This really disapointed me...It is...just too horrible...And I don't mean the animation (Atleast not that much...). It's just that they wanted to end the series so fast and everything good what was in the manga wasn't in the anime...

The ending was also too sad. I heard the manga-ka who drew Trinity Blood is dead? I really hope that isn't true...

woochann woochann

Better than most vampire animes I've watched (lol I've seen some just horrid ones). The animation is wonderful and the art is beautiful. The reds (especially) thrive with beauty and a mind of its own, but in some places it falls short for me mainly in the abrupt endings, and lack of some explanation of things; however, the positives outweigh the negatives.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

At first this anime seems really promising. It kind of resembles Hellsing, with both Abel Nightroad and Alucard being vampires that hunt on other vampires. But the art of Trinity Blood is prettier and the naming of characters and organisations cleverer. But ultimately I am disappointed. This anime does not do the novel or even the manga justice. Lilith's name is never mentioned. She just appeared in the very very last episode without any explanation. The reason why Abel hates Cain so much to the point that he must kill him has never been explained either. The ending is extremely lame and leaves too much loose ends. The flashbacks are disorganised, abrupt and don't make much sense. And Esther becomes a completely useless, redundant and annoying character in the entire anime. She whines, prays, fangirls over Abel, cries, yells, almost kills an ambassador, almost kills Abel, then finally becomes the Queen of Albion. WTF. Epic fail.

SellaLuceo SellaLuceo

One of my most favorite. Besides good OST and graphicstyle there is also intresting plot that leaves much to think about (at least because of the fact that it's only half of the roman). However the anime differs from manga and book, some events were replaced, other - taken away. So you should read to know exactly how it must have been.
Warning: some events in roman is too bloodthirsty and not so funny in comparison with anime.

eXDream2K5 eXDream2K5

Another interesting take on vampires that isn't retarded. It kinda looks/feels like Hellsing, but it's not. It gets bogged down toward the end, simply because the mangaka died and they didn't know what was happening with the manga when the anime ended.

singlemoon singlemoon

So many good looking guys in this anime, but my favorite would be Abel. Fufufu, the anime are pretty short and it doesn't elaborate much about the plot, so I probably need to read the manga to understand more about Trinity Blood. But I have to admit, I really enjoyed it, thou I don't really enjoy the sentiment between priests and sisters. *cough* But I let it slip this time.

Glukogen Glukogen

I generally like stories that are at least loosely be called science fiction. Score that I put refers to the novels, manga and anime both. Even so the anime could have been much better if the characters were revealed, and the plot did not change
My advice - read the novels. There are many interesting moments and details in them

ghost945 ghost945

spectacular story. i mean vampire story ain't new but this one deserves much more credit and attention. first, seiyuu cast strong and all very solid and well voiced. characters' goods and bads came out from their voices. second, lots of characters but each rather well introduced, expressed, developed and given an indication about each end. third, relationships are interrelated and interacted. overall a very impressive story.

Tavia-chan Tavia-chan

A futuristic, alien vampires fighting the Catholic Church / Inquisition movie with a more than solid English dub. The only problem it has is the ending, but considering the original author died, I think it's forgivable, and the director did a decent job.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

I wish this series had been longer because it really was a good series. It seems the novels yet again give much more information than is presented in the series. In this case, I think the series would have definitely benefited from it. The lack of any kind of ending/wrap-up for the series is what brought my score for the series down.

Hiroyuki-sing Hiroyuki-sing

I rented a dvd at the store and liked it. I love the detail in the art and the animation is fine work. The story to me seem to be at a good paste and I like the characters. Able seems to be kind and kicks vampires butts!
"A vampire that feeds on the blood of other vampires" LOL! I'm on ep.5 and hope to keep watching it. If you're looking for something new to watch trust me a need to watch anime.

Abishokaya Abishokaya

I own a couple DVDs and they are the collectors editions. I love how they come with Tarrot cards and the art is superb. Each one has a mini pamphlet inside with character profiles and Technology Info that is featured in the episodes of the DVDs. Every thing in this series from the plot down to the very cover of DVDs has outdone any other I have seen so far.

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