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SaitoHajime101's True Tears Tv Review

Rated: 7

A 13-episode series that was just the right length. It has been argued that the series actually ends at the 11th episode with episode 12 and 13 kinda of dragging the series on but I have to disagree. While certain parts of the plot may have gotten solved, other major parts still needed to be brought to a logical conclusion which is why episode 12 and 13 were necessary. They made sure to tightly wrap this story up with no room for a second season or OVA. In my opinion, that's a good move. Too much lately have we been getting series that go on for 2 seasons or more, or series that just don't know when to call it quits. I'd rather have a series that ends prematurely than a series that drags out for several seasons that just make no sense.

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Member Opinions

fitarol15 fitarol15

This anime is one of the best animies i've ever seen~ It quickly became my fav , the storyline is awesome and the characters are well-developed , i enjoed the whole series but i still have a hard time to choose who's the right girl for shin-chan .. definitely not ai-chan she should remain with her boyfriend anyway , noe is cute i love her and her cheerful persona is amazing , hiromi is my favorite she's beautiful , calm and sporty i love her sporty side and i liked the pair shin x hiromi but i'm still aiming for shin x noe so it's hard to choose i liked the main plot but noe's story is weird also her brother jun is a jerk i hate him >_< how can her develop feelings for his sister ~!!!! eww odd odd..
i saw the final episode it was good i loved it ,..true tears is a great anime that left impacts on me from the first episode and the story effected on me in a different way , the ending was so amazing .. i love shin x hiromi <3 and noe and shin scene was so sweet and touching ~ the reflectia song is so beautiful and this anime has a beautiful soundtrack that i love to listen to it every day...