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CLAMP's Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li are back, but they're not the same characters we've come to know from Cardcaptor Sakura. This time, our pair is from the magical country of Clow, where Sakura is the beloved princess and Syaoran is a commoner working as an archeologist. He's tasked with exploring the ruins of Clow, which seem to hold magical power. Our two characters are destined for each other, but many perils lay in their path.

When visiting the ruins, Sakura is mesmerized and drawn into a strange gateway on the wall. Evil forces are at work and try to steal her away to another dimension. Syaoran prevents her from going but, in the process, scatters her feathers (representing her memories) across multiple worlds. With Sakura unconscious, Syoaran must travel to each world and recover Sakura's memories. Upon visiting the dimensional witch, Syaoran is given two traveling companions, each with their own reasons for going on a journey between worlds. They are also given Mokona, a magical creature that allows them to communicate and travel between worlds.

Their journey begins here and many dangers await them on the road ahead.

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Nauxolo's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tv Review

Rated: 7

Tsubasa Chronicle is a very straightforward anime with few tugging questions or 'mysteries'. Although a lot is left unsaid, the pacing of the anime really doesn't make their mysteries very important. The crew set out on a journey almost immediately with absolutely no background given for anyone. Even up to episode 18 nothing about anyone's powers is told and the groups cooperation with each other is almost too simple and quick. My main qualm with the beginning is how did Kurogane accept Syaoran so quickly? I accepted Fye's reasons just barely.

Putting all personal annoyances aside, this anime is a fun travel/journey anime and there aren't enough of these pure journey animes out there.

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Member Opinions

Shinseiji Shinseiji

After I finished watching xxxHOLIC I wanted to find out more about the events and started watching this. Fai is so wonderful and Kurogane amuses me xD And can someone tell me where I can get a Mokona? Mokona is soooo cute >U<

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Fai and Kurogane make for a welcome addition to this CLAMP cross-over series. I was never a really big fan of Card Captor Sakura, but it's nice to see the two characters in a little more mature style. The series score by Yuki Kajiura never fails to be amazing, and here and there, there were gems of storylines. However, the series itself lost some steam and became somewhat predictable. HOWEVER! The OVAs were AMAZING. Loved Tokyo Revelations, and also ended up reading the conclusion via manga-- really wish they'd stuck with it (but saw how it could have been too dark for television).


The first half of the manga is my favorite. In the second half, there is just so much going on that it's hard to feel like it was the same manga. It felt disjointed, disconnected, and incomplete. The art style was also something that did not impress me. Unfortunately, the anime left much to be desired.

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

What can I say here, really? This is one of those truly sad stories anime & manga fans would occasionally run into; where they cannot but wonder about the secret kind of magic applied by some anime series so as to transform an engagingly dynamic manga story into little more than a rapid sequence of bland stills. The music was fantastic though, which is more than many other slide-show anime series can claim to themselves.
Luckily, the OAD's are a whole different story(...), since they try a little harder to be in sync with the source material in the spirit & the character designs, while maintaining the fantastic music. Their insistence however on animating only the arcs that happen to include a couple of Syaorans kicking the hell out of each other & totally ignoring the arcs in-between is something to wonder about, even though it is rather understandable. Still, it is a shame we won't get to see those arcs in animation.
In any case, while this is one of the prime examples of why this portal should be called 'Anime & MANGA Watchlist', TRC animation(I am NOT acknowledging the title 'Tsubasa Chronicle') receives a rather good rating due to the fabulous music, the fine acting, & the cool OAD's. And so once again Yuki Kajiura saves the day.

Sakurahime94 Sakurahime94

I really love the manga of this serie, but the anime's quality is very bad. The animation isn't good and so the character design. The story is too simplyfied and childish respect to the manga. The only good thing is that the OSTs are made by Yuki Kajiura, and they are really beautiful

Glukogen Glukogen

Maybe it's the largest cross-overing anime in the world (or clamp like to advertise all of their films))). As always, it is unrealistic complicated story with many different characters and each has their own skeletons in the closet. The ending leaves room for guessing, but it sheds light on the identity of Watanuki.

evilxangel evilxangel

Its the best anime ever!!!!The story is very easy to get a boy and a girl fighting for their love.But it gets a bit complicated later and got some awesome twists and the OVAs let me with my mouth wide open.Its better if you just read the manga so everything makes sense because the OVA will leave you with some doubts.This anime broke my record in wallpapers and songs!Without doubt my fav anime of all times worth spending time seeing it!

sakurarukia0506 sakurarukia0506

Because of its length so I feel a bit bored watching it,so tired!!! that's why I can't give it over 9 in point.
Except for Bleach but it's because of those filler,so no count it in XD => the length of the story is also very important,too long will bore us for real,and it's still the same story,that's more for feeling bored T_T.
Also,just like in Card Captor Sakura,I love only Tomoyo...

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

I love CLAMP and all their other works but i just couldn't really get into this one. I like how they recycled their other characters and had two news. everyone loved sayoran and sakara from cardcaptors. Sometimes i wished they created new characters overall, but this still came out great.

rosel-D rosel-D

the first season: it's good but the last episode ruined it.
the second season: also good, but the filler last episode sucks.
Tokyo Revelations: Much higher art quality, more violence( lol. Sakura...),and more faithful to the manga. But those who haven't read that part of the manga might be confused.
Shunraiki: More faithful to the manga, and has a cliff hanger ending.

... hope there's a continuation >_<

sammyui sammyui

very interesting story! so nice.
the twists, settings, music, and characters are all perfect :))

Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was good! It wasn't spectacular but it was nearly good enough to compare it to a few anime movies. However, at times, it seemed it dropped in quality but marginally so. Character designs were well done and if you have any recollections of past anime, you might catch a few "known" characters from other well received series. The introduction of our main sidekicks (Kurogane and Fai), and how they get involved was well done.... not to mention, the accompanying background music adds some dramatics.

The OP was excellent! Wow, I loved it. The minute I heard it, I HAD to pick up the OST. Never in my history of anime watching had I literally sat through every episode's opening credits just to listen to this piece. The music throughout the rest of the anime was just top-notch. Very dramatic! It was a mix of opera-ish, epic-like pieces all throughout the episodes.

Series and Episode Story
The opening scene of the first episode had me by a strangle hold! The way the view panned out on a desperate situation between two characters and the dramatic chanting vocals of the music made it breathtaking! Wow!! I just had chills running up my spine. The story... no, this grand epic is what story telling should be measured by. In reality, the core plot itself is pretty strait forward. I mean, our group of heroes has to travel between worlds to recover lost feathers.... simple right? Well, there's more to it than that. What you have are interwoven plots, some great, some small and the way they interact with each other. The idea of having to travel to various worlds in itself was interesting.... and then to add unique characters between worlds on top of that made it even more intesting. The one minor... very minor complaint I have was the fact that some character's backgrounds aren't really explored. But that's such a small price especially when they wouldn't really add to the overall plot. You still end up loving many of the characters and their abilities. By the end of this series, I was almost in tears because I wanted to continue watching.... and waiting for season 2 was more than I could bear. As well, it left so many things open ended that you couldn't help but feel a bit of disappointment. But.... thank god there's season 2.

Overall, a BUY+ for this one. This is one of those that you should make a point to watch.

the BEST ! :))


Just an amazing anime and manga.
a true masterpiece made by clamp,this manga and anime made me feel happy,almost made me cry and the anime really excited me in a way that something else never did ever to me.
Amazing :D

HurtHattori HurtHattori

First of all : I like the manga, even though it was very confusing in the second half (but I read it another time, some months ago, and took the time to read xxxHolic too and I understood *a lot* of things, especially about all those clones and the link between Syaoran and Watanuki).

So... TRC was my first contact with CLAMP, and I watched 10 episodes of the anime, but I got bored. It's not because it wasn't good, it was because I was watching the adaptation of a chapter I had read 2 or 3 days ago. Maybe, someday, I'll try it again, but one major drawback is that I know that the anime doesn't always follow the original material.

I watched the OAVs "Tokyo Revelations" and "Shunraiki" two times each, and I would love to see a remake that would follow the manga (like FMA : Brotherhood) or OVAs as epic as these two are...

cari-hime cari-hime

dont get me wrong. i love the manga but the anime is just bad!!! i hated that they removed the whole story and put fillers instead. i stopped watching after chapter 40 or so
i love the ovas thou

and now about the manga: this is a really GREAT manga. i mean it.
at first i didn't get them travelling and it was a bit boring...then it showed me that it was much more than that. great storyline and characters. but totally hate the plot holes!!


This is a really strange series, but it's likable enough. I watched it for the two seconds Kasumi Karen was on the screen, I'm not going to lie. The art is nice and the characters are interesting, although very weird. The plot tries a little too hard in places so it isn't terrific, but overall, I enjoyed what I've seen.

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