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Kouhei Morioka is a freelance photographer working for a supernatural magazine with the gift (some would call it a "curse") of having spirits show up in nearly every photo he takes. His colleague, Hiromi Anzai, and their editor, Seiji Midou, take Kouhei to investigate a haunted castle in Germany. There he spots a mysterious girl sitting on one of the parapets who poses for him. He takes several shots, but she does not show up in any of the photos!
They go back to investigate and break into the castle, freeing the vampire princess Hazuki, the girl who posed on the parapet for Kouhei. Afterwards she disappears and they all head back to Japan... only to discover that Hazuki has followed them there and is staying at Kouhei's house!

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Shoujoboy's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Tv Review

Rated: 4

I would best compare Tsukuyomi with a child on a diving board. All it seems to do is scream "Watch me do a cannonball! Watch me do a cannonball! LOVE MEEEE!" The show tries all too hard to make fanboys cream themselves with glee over cute lolis. It may work for all but 3 episodes and then it becomes like eating sugar in tablespoons. Too much, too often. There are times when the show tries to interject some seriousness but always defeats itself with Kohei and Hazuki yelling at one another, the mystical pan/teapot falling from the sky and always with the cat ears. There are times when it seems that you may be enjoying it only to be reminded minutes later that you're actually clawing your eyeballs out.

Now I'm not usually one to rant...

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

I didn't watch the anime till the end and carefully to actually know what's going on and what to write on this comment box.
I didn't have dislike or like towards the anime if I remember correctly, and I remember not liking Hazuki because of her attitude. I watched this years ago, and I have a hazy memory about everything.

ghost945 ghost945

much better than manga with storyline more consistent. lots of characters, lots of incidents and events. at least the relationships between our mains are clear enough to come through. female main is one of my favorite cute characters. our main male lead is gifted with powerful powers that's been developed to protect almost all females in story.

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