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Juuni Kokki is a story of a girl named Youko, whose life in modern Japan is suddenly and rudely interrupted as a strange man with flowing long whire hair appears and kneels before her, swearing his allegiance. In Japan she is a normal teenager, albeit one who cares greatly about how others see her and hence appears rather weak-willed.
With the appearance of this strange man, frightening things start happening. Against her will, she and some friends are taken to another world by the man. Here begins the world of "The Twelve Kingdoms" and it is a vast and beautiful one. Intricate and complicated to a certain degree with a fusion of ancient Chinese and Japanese culture, it has twelve kingdoms; each with a King and a helper called a kirin. On coming to this new world, Youko is separated from the man who brought her and stumbles through this new place, learning as she goes along.

Will she ever return home? Why was she brought here?

Credits: Feirai

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Erkicman's Twelve Kingdoms Tv Review

Rated: 9

After I finished the series (Up to episode 39 and the appendix episode 40), I felt like a changed man. Here was an epic tale, a completely new world, and a lesson on what it takes to be a great ruler. I learned what it meant to deserve luxury, and I learned how to be a ladies' man like Rakushun. (Ladies' Rat?) I got chills at the end of the story, when the main characters end up proving their worth.

Pay attention to Rakushun, Enki, and Shoryu. They're a funny trio.

This is my favorite anime of all time, period. Then again, I've only seen the ones put out by Toonami and Adult Swim, but none of them were as good as this.

If you want an intellectually involving and stimulating series, eat this one up. It will make you think and re-think the way you see your world.

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Member Opinions

Steffi1690 Steffi1690

AMAZING!! Awsome Artwork and Awsome Story!
I love Yoko and her development throughout the story! Though the Anime is very long (45 episodes) I could have watched 45 epiosdes more! =D
It's not boring at all! And honestly a very great Anime to watch!

riho88riho riho88riho

I have to say one of the best animes I have ever seen of all time is the anime called Twelve Kingdoms. It has by far the best character development I have ever seen with a level of maturity that is so rare and hard to find that I'm amazed by the plot, problems, solutions, and planning behind and in this anime. It teaches so many lessons and gives so many view points that it's astonishing to me, who has watched hundreds of animes and read thousands of manga. This is a rare series that is both serious and light, good and bad, and shows such a wide variety of ideas and context that you rarely or won't find anywhere else.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

One of the best example of character development and personal growth I have seen in an anime. The main character is really annoying for the first half of the series, but it is necessary in order for the second half to be so amazing. It's a shame this series has to end early as well, but at least they wrap up the first story arc. I feel that the anime fleshes out the characters a bit more than the novels do.

Kukuru Kukuru

I started watching the anime first & Youko is one really annoying heroine. But I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed watching the girl grow and mature and work hard to improve herself (i.e. again, different from those who are just handed 'special powers'). I am also collecting the books they are based on (Tokyopop PLEASE do not discontinue this series - it's hard enough we have to wait a year to get them!) - and I highly recommend.

tsuyutsuki tsuyutsuki

I watched the whole series on TV. The plot is good, but there are lots of weird names and things like titles of noble people. There're also twists and turns in the chronological order of facts that makes comprehension difficult.

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