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I absolutely adore these series. The plot, its twists, facts and fantasy, the mysteries, cases, the unfairness of being left aside although all that's done belongs to you. Shinjuurou shows the person, who would prefer quietly doing his work for his (or rather Inga's) own purposes. I love him, his voice, his character and absolutely anything about him. I also love Inga, Inga's female and male(?) sides and especially the female's voice. It's done brilliantly. The future plans, that aren't all this brilliant and bright, involving the progressing problem of the world which is terrorism and also showing the progress in technology as well. I love it, that's all there is to it.

minayuri minayuri

Quite the mind-f**k anime, but it's done quite brilliantly, especially with the various twists and turns throughout the anime. The only complaint I have is the drab animation created by BONES, it would've been amazing if Madhouse did the series having character designs similar to Death Note.

ghost945 ghost945

artworks quality very much like those for Lupin era. mysterious detective stories always have its market. seiyuu ok. female lead is full of mystery which is what luring one to want more. more development is needed. ending bit abruptly and left with more questions than answers.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

One of the awesome-st anime of this winter. Where you will find Mystery in a very new fashion. Quite cool anime. Nice ending song.
Presentation, voice acting , both were very nice.
you cannot miss this anime this season, just like you cant miss Guilty Crown. XD

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