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kakashim kakashim

This is a keeper. This is one of those series that will make you want to try to do your best to achieve whatever dreams you may have. It's a long series, but it's definitely worth it. As the series progresses, you'll meet a great cast of different characters; all with a set of unique personalities. The back-stories of some of those characters are definitely great and touching (some more than others). At the end of the day, you'll fall in love with the brothers and their unconditional love for outer space, especially Mutta (that guy is a blast). This is definitely a must watch series for those into this type of genre and/or for people looking for something fun, lighthearted and heartwarming. Great for all ages!

Mutta + Hibito = coolest bros ever

Ephemeral-Garden Ephemeral-Garden

I give it a 8.5. Why? Because its so GOOD. Storyline wise this is mostly aimed at jousei, seinen age group. A very educational and motivating anime about 2 brothers striving to walk on the moon together. Anime is still running, and is currently at its 92nd episode. The rest of the 1.5 was not given because I am picky when it comes to animation process; not your typical full 25 frames per second animation so lots of cheating and looping going on. But still, with such solid storyline the animation is not enough to take you away from liking it.

iluvtulips iluvtulips

I love this anime. It surprised me by how interesting it really is. Love the freaking character development and all the characters. I just want them all to succeed and make their dreams reality. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

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