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In the year 2356, man is no longer a stranger in space. Humans have constructed six massive colony ports that orbit the Earth nearly 200 years after a supernova's energy bombarded the surface of the planet causing a lot of chaos and destruction. Just a little more than two months before a second impact is expected to occur, young teenager Shima Katase is starting space academy on the colony called Stellvia. What follows is a tale of Shima and her friends' daily life as they attend high school thousands of miles above the Earth.

Written by xenocrisis0153.

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NovaProspekt's Uchuu no Stellvia Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall, Stellvia is a first rate anime that's definitely one of my favorites. From the animation, to the character design, to the story, Stellvia excels in portraying a great sci-fi slice-of-life story.

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