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The shy Ayu Tateishi has just made a new friend at school. But this new friend, much to her surprise, is no ordinary classmate. Nina Sakura may look like a normal middle school girl, but she's got a big secret: she's a witch!

Or rather, she's trying to become a witch. And apparently she hasn't been doing her homework. Her spells are devastating in their... ineffectiveness, and often result in the most embarrassing situations for poor Ayu.

Things wouldn't be so bad if Nina's magic didn't make Ayu act like a an fool in front of her crush. All she wants is a love potion, a simple love potion. All she gets, however, is a new best friend who has flunked out of witch school?

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Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

It’s not one of the best though quite entertaining. I like the romance and friendship elements in this show. So basically, the story is about a girl and her transfer student friend, who is actually a magic girl from the Magic Kingdom. The animation and art style are average for TV anime. The characters are decent but they are pretty good looking. Just don’t expect too much, but overall its a good watch.

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