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KazablanKa KazablanKa

This anime as i consider,one of the best animes i'v watched since long ago!
I'm in love with all what was independent or Slice of life,and it is pretty much This Usagi Drop anime..
This anime is in general Unique,with it Story that i actually liked,like LOTS!
yeah,i know it seems very slow,and i dislike the feeling of they worked hard to make it very Slice of life and slow,Yet i love how it turned(it is rare to find an anime about REAL people living in REAL world with a REAL issues and life troubles! OR not all about a guy who is surrounded by girls that's trying to be(or he imagines them)Sexy all time long!),so this was very refreshing..
and also.you'd have the feeling of the ending being Faster and Cuter (also more living)than the beginning of the anime (even though i guess that since it has already begun with somebody's death,then this would be normal =.= )
For the art,i loved it,as much i'm a fan of the COOL graphic,and what of all that..
i'm just very week in the front of an independent/VERY slice of life anime art,i just love it!
The voice actors in UD are Amazing!i couldn't help it but falling in love with their voices (specially Rin & Kouki,their voice are "speechless")yeah,i know...i'm over "crazing" on this but i guess it is because i just love such a rare cute voice :3
And for the characters,they are all pretty lovable,cute and funny,yet unique;i mean they just act so "humanly" which is something i like and appreciate when they give a matter to those things!
so after all,Usagi Drop is an anime that worth to watch JUST if you were interested in those types of anime,and in case you were then i Highly recommend it,it just a perfectionism for me and hope if it is so to anyone who watches it
BTW,the anime isn't longer than (i guess) the half(or less) of the manga,in manga,Rin gets so older and also Kouki,later they start dating and what so
as far as i can tell,the manga might be better than the anime (i just haven't read it yet,but planning to!)..
anyways,here i am recommending it again :)

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the joys and struggles of parenting. Overall one of those cute yet serious animes that really reveal the struggles of common situations. It was a little rushed in my opinion but the end was well played out for the most part.


It's a bit of a refreshing show from the usual fantasy and crazy story lines. It's a sweet, simple story of a bachelor trying to figure out the world of his new daughter (who's a bit quirky herself--she's very mature for her age and if you watch it you'll know what I mean). It's definitely better than the most comedic American stories of a guy struggling to be a father.

ghost945 ghost945

a very serious topic that has never been properly addressed in anime until now. it's not an easy topic nor is it easy to attract business value. efforts from anime staff and production team behind it encouraging. artworks pretty standard. story well contrast and well told.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

The anime containing one of the MOST beautiful story line (10/10 for story writer), but sound and voice acting were a little disappointment. Although the anime presentation which was chosen for this anime had its own charm but i think its could be better if it was to be a improved one.
The story is about a very young girl and a guy, when they met in quit and unusual circumstances. The girl is to the daughter of the 30 year old guy's grandpa and so she is his aunt. They met each other after his grandfathers death. Now he is taking care of her as a guardian. More interesting events happened on the way tto there progress in the VERY busy life

Animezealot5140 Animezealot5140

I started watching the anime before the manga.
I don't know why I always like a story with a tragic past or trauma or loneliness.
And its a heart warming slice of life story about Daikichi taking care of little Rin. X-D
Rin is just so cute. The seiryuu is good.
I heard the manga's ending is not what everyone hope for. Hope the anime changes the ending to be a better one.

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