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An injured man was found in the forest and rescued by the elder of a village, becoming part of her family. The man has no memory of his past and wears a mask he can't remove. Hakuoru, as he becomes known, proves to be a strong leader and eventually leads numerous missions to liberate the people throughout the country of its corrupt politics. While on this journey he unknowingly seeks out his past, as well as his true purpose while at the same time protecting his new found friends and family.

Written by littlejonny100.

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Z827's Utawarerumono Game Review

Rated: 7

= This is a review of Utararerumono ( Game ) =
It's been a very , very long time since I've last played a Visual Novel this enjoyable.
The vital focus on this game is not it's plotline but it's characters. A cast of characters the audience would grow to love after witnessing their typical everyday lives , to the dread they bear in a battlefield to the pain they bear in their hearts as the story goes on.

I found myself laughing , heartbroken and touched from one game with a fairly instable plotline that lacks proper elaboration here and there. I also find myself disturbed by a certain set of events , intrigued by the mystery behind the past of the protaginist or perhaps simply laughing my head off the comical scenarios of the game.

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Member Opinions

kuro115b kuro115b

No no no! The start was interesting and the end was quite sad! but i got boring watching it in the middle! It just like i already can guess what will happen next and it makes no fun at all! I must praise the effect because this anime was one use a long time period setting with great imagination! even so, NO!


Okay, I admit. The anthropomorphic girls were a major draw here, and I found this series running across images on an artwork site. In the end, however, I especially liked the story, and ended up buying it as soon as I could do so at a reasonable price. I'm still waiting for the same chance on the OVAs, but they may never get a US release.

whitelighter90 whitelighter90

Nice Storyline.This is the first time I watched this kind of anime.
The background story looked like in ancient world,
but actually it's future from human being.
Nice artwork on certain background. The characters are also been drawn nicely.
Especially most of the female character, have a pairs of cute cat's ears.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

An interesting premise, which turned into a pretty decent little series. I wasn't expecting much considering this series was based on an H-game. Really liked the character designs, but they couldn't think of easier to pronounce names than Eruru and Aruru? Love Benawi, Karla, Touko, and Oboro. The ending of the series felt somewhat rushed.

Leizy Leizy

Utawareumono is really great anime but maybe not the best I've seen. It's kinda weird in some points... Well, maybe that's 'cause I'm not too good at English/Japanese so I might not understand everything... But yeah, I love it. And the openig/ending songs are beautiful! And Benawi is so cute!! <3

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