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Plot Summary: Gallia is in essence a peaceful nation where people live in harmony and everyone cooperated with another. Its most recognizable feature is its abundance in ragnite, an ore which can be refined into a one kind of a fuel. But because of its rarity, it is also the very thing that puts the neutral Gallian city in peril as the Imperial Alliance sought to take over it in order to have more than enough weapons against their enemy, the Atlantic Federation.

Bruhl, a small and old-fashioned Gallian town, created the group known as the town watch soldiers who are tasked to defend the place as best as they can from the invading Imperialists. This is where the adventure begins for Alicia Melchiott, a once aspiring baker who became a town watch soldier. Having heard about a spy who is at the town bridge, she promptly confronts him but is soon shocked to find out that the suspicious man turned out to be Welkin Gunther, the son of Theimer Gunther who is known as the hero of the First War. With Welkin and his adopted sister Isara's help, Alicia manages to aid the residents in safely evacuating from their now war-stricken town. In order to bring back peace, Alicia (along with Welkin and Isara) decides to join the Gallian militia forces.) By princessmeyrin023

Site: http://www.valkyria-anime.com/

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Member Opinions

HurtHattori HurtHattori

This one was a big letdown for me. After the first episode, I was sure that it would be a deep story about a war and its effect on two normal persons, Welkin and Alicia. I expected laughs, some tears and a deeper meaning. It didn't happen. I sat through 20 and some episodes of a slice-of-life war show. Fortunately, there were some good scenes, and I was given from time to time what I expected in the first place, especially with the fate of Isara.

Hiroyuki-sing Hiroyuki-sing

I'm watching this because I've played the game and L-O-V-E-D it! So when I found out I was like OMG OMG there's an anime!? Then I found it on Anime Central and started watching it. Some parts are different I wish they did that brige part. But still I like it! On ep.3. If you like the game you'll love the anime!

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

Based off a game published by SEGA, the anime extends parts of the game which are otherwise just talking and a battle scenario. It gave a lot more character development and background which is otherwise just left to one's imagination while playing the game. That is not to say this is better then the game however, since the graphics just don't translate as well over to the anime series as they do with the game. Instead they dip down to somewhat horrible and unrecognizable blobs during some episodes. The story also does not follow directly the same path as the game either, given the game had a very simply layout, the anime tried to improve on this and made things rather complex and confusing at times. Still, worth a watch for anyone who has played the game.

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