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Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust are two classic Gothic anime movies. Both are based on a book series by Hideyuki Kikuchi, about a future Earth where vampires rule the night.
They are hunted by men, but one hunter stands out among the rest: the dhampir (half-vampire) D.

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Yothsothgoth's Vampire Hunter D Tv Review

Rated: 5

It was an enjoyable classic because of its timeless story. That's why I made the effort to watch it. I ended up liking it pretty well. I think overall the movie was a success for its time. I also think they did the best that they could for their time and for what they could afford. I believe that Hideyuki Kikuchi is a great author and if he could do it all over again, he most definitely would. Kikuchi had a wonderful imagination and helped jumpstart science fiction novels and anime in Japan. Many current works have been influenced by his original novels. I rated this movie higher overall because it was a decent attempt for its time at a good story.

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I'm sure you know Dracula right? Do you know D? Maybe you don't. If you wanna know the sonof Dracula watch this. First of all I'm a fan of vampires and even if your not a fan I grantee you that It is worth watching. In fact you may get addicted to it and watch it till the last episode/season or movie.

aureawolf aureawolf

This rating and following opinion are about the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. A magnificent work of art from every angle: the story, the art, the music, the voices, the scenes... You name it and you get it! (And if you're a Bram Stoker's DRACULA fan, you'll have a pleasent surprise when you recognize many of its referents). I used to think about vampires as a very interesting group, but with all the Twilight-Vampire Diaries-Easy-light-Best seller crap I began to dislike them. This is one of the few movies that I really respect.

Glukogen Glukogen

Must I tell that I am a fan of steampunk? Ok - this is just the lovely story. The mix of gothic atmosphere, unusual characters disign and the happening realy crush me up. Althought this is a old anime I prefer to name it the classic - it deserves a viewing

InfiniteSky InfiniteSky

"Transient guests are we"

The slow revelation of D's past (in the novels) make me so excited. The mysteries that envelope D at every turn keep the audience in suspense and keeps them reading until they finish it. I think my favourite would be the Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane....lovely.....and I also love it when Hideyuki Kikuchi ends the novel with the survivors telling about D's rare smile....

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I really can't say much about this film, it's one of the rare ones out there that hits the goodness! Love the art and animation. MADHOUSE hasn't failed me yet! Now I can't wait for the Iron Man and Wolverine movies. YEAH!

Zettodono Zettodono

This comment applies to the sequel of the Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust. For the animation of the time - it was more than excellent! Masterpiece! I first looked at it in 2004, it crushed me. Stylish, dark distant future in the Gothic style with an interesting plot, good music and colorful characters. Although the history of most of the characters are not fully disclosed, it does not spoil the impression.

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