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Yuuki Cross has no memory of her life before the age of five, when she was attacked by a vampire and strangely enough saved by another vampire called Kaname Kuran. Ten years later she now lives with her adoptive father, Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross academy - a prestigious private school with an unusual class structure. The student body is divided into two classes: the Day class, which is made up of ordinary students, and the Night class, an elite group of 'beautiful people'.

Along with Zero Kiryuu, who was also a victim of a vampire attack that killed his whole family, Yuki plays the role of a guardian at Cross academy. They are the guardians of the school for the purpose of the Night class's secret: the Night class is made up of vampires!

What should happen if the Day class discovered the Night class' secret? And what dark secret is Zero hiding from Yuki? And the ultimate question: Who will win Yuki's heart? Kaname or Zero?

Three light novels have been released for the series: "Vampire Knight: Nowaaru no Wana" ("Noir's Trap"), "Vampire Knight: Aisu Buru no Tsumi" ("Ice Blue Sin") and "Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams".

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Janny-Cats' Vampire Knight Tv Review

Rated: 8


Though it is meant to be a serious and sad anime, the show does have a few humorous scenes. These mostly revolve around Chairman Kaien's over-motherly attitude towards Yuki or Zero's hate of almost anything on campus. The humor is inserted cleverly between less-serious scenes so the process doesn't seem brutal.

The most memorable humorous scenes that come to mind are the ones present in the first episodes where Yuki and the other school prefects attempt to hold back a sea of overly-hyper girls from the Night Class boys.


Even if the events can seem a bit over the top sometimes, Vampire Knight is an enjoyable anime with an interesting story. It certainly brings a new idea to the table, that being a vampire isn't really that easy or glamorous.

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Member Opinions

FadingLights2015 FadingLights2015

After i Re-watched it,i found it very awesome actually,the characters are very funny and memoriable,the story is very exciting this story is amazing,my best characters are: Yuuki Cross,Zero and Ichiru kiryuu,Shizuka hiou and Rido Kuran, and the kiryuu twin's story made this anime more fun,also i like Aidou and Cain...Rima and Senrai are good But they are not my's very sad when ichIru died,maybe he was selfish and evil but he didn't deserve to die!..:( Anyway,The desings are very Pretty,I Didn't Like The Soundtrack but The Storyline is awesome.
I'm a Zero x Yuki Fan,so wasn't satisfied about the ending,i never like Kaname x Yuki Because it's very odd!!
I Can't say the ending is ugly But I Prefer the Manga on the anime,That's why i'll Give it 10.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I've heard the dub, it would've sounded better if Funimation got it instead of Viz in my opinion. I have seen both seasons. Though Zero has his moments when he makes things really complicated for himself. I thought Yuuki was cute. I just wish Yuuki would really make up her mind about who she really wants to be with. The manga ended somewhat the way I expected; though in the end she technically picked no one. Though Kaname was super manipulative & Zero could never just figure out what he wanted & just stick with it.


If you love vampires , you will love this. Here you will fall for the first bite ! Aki and zero<3

This is one of the best vampire anime series. The thrill and love will get you really hook, so if you hvent seen it watch it NOW.

Shikkymoichat Shikkymoichat

I've the whole Anime (season 1 and 2) and overall it's pretty good, although the manga has a lot more to it.
they missed important moments though, and also as it's not complete as most anime's are, that was disappointing. the ending...for Yume fans is nice though. if you're a Zeki you'll be not happy lol.


The parts where I was more excited to watch,were those parts that had the Kiryuu twins (as I have a twin sister,so I love to see characters who have that in common).Actually I was very sad when Ichiru died,I cried at that part! :'(


The first anime I saw. I fell in love with Zero, and totally love the story as the characters. Although I thought it was very sad history between the three protagonists. I wanted to Yukki stays with Zero, already that Kaname don't like much. The end was not as I expected. Although I consider it a very good anime.

renlilica renlilica

Well it's a short and a nice anime. Both the seasons were quite interesting.
I really like the ending part of season two, where Yukki's hair becomes long and her that weapon becomes a sickle and even zero's gun though the looks is a lil' disappointing the power boost is quite awesome after living under Kaname's power.
Well both Kaname and zero are cool characters in their own way. But I've gotta admit that tattoo on zero's neck is awesome.
People who like vampires will really take a liking to this anime.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

People say this anime has a romantic story but, I don't feel the romance at all. Its just not my thing. I dropped the anime after about 3 episodes then I read the first chapter of the manga, which was a little better but I still found it so boring.This anime reminds me of Twilight, LOL! The main character is unbelievably lame and mediocre. I love the mangaka's art though, especially the details on the clothing and backgrounds. <3

elisadevelon elisadevelon

I love vampires and this anime definitely depicted them perfectly but I found the plot quite boring overall. It was revolving around Yuuki - the main character - too much and there were too many twists I didn't like. I suppose that someone who likes romance and love triangles would enjoy this but not me. Moreover, Yuuki was absolutely annoying and I had a feeling it was actually a mistake to focus so much attention on her. She could have played a less signifacnt role and honestly, I think that if she hadn't interfered with the vamps so much, all of the problems would actually be solved much more easily. On the other hand, I realize that the story wouldn't be so complicated and exciting then but I just couldn't stand her as a character. Thumbs up for the gorgeous art and character design and for the beautiful music.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I love vampires, so I really enjoyed this one. The art is beautiful, although it can't be compared to the original, but I think the animators did a good job. The character design is also something that should be praised, those uniforms are amazing and I really liked the seiyuus they picked. The continuation, Vampire Knight Guilty, was a little bit boring, though. The episodes felt random and like they lost the thread of the story.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The art is good. The stories... are so-so. Maybe it's because 'sibling-love' between Kaname-Yuuki that kinda freaks me out. Even though they are vampire who wanted to keep their bloodline, or whatever. I also didnt like Yuuki's masochistic expression when she got bite. My favorite in this series is just Zero Kiryuu. N I love Kaname n Zero stories more than Yuuki stories. ^^ Especially the ending scene between Kaname n Zero on the first season XD. But, because the manga isnt finished yet, the anime endings is bad too. I hope there will be season 3 of it.

aureawolf aureawolf

Meh... I kinda like the art, but the story is pretty stereotypical: good looking guys, strict hierarchy, S/M attitudes, love triangle, heavy issues... There are some scenes with a lot of spice and could have work for better, but no... things kept very predictable and "twilighty".

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Basically I just hate any story that has a masochistic girl as protagonist or a plot revolving around a cheesy love triangle. And VK happens to have BOTH. It's almost like the Japanese equivalent of Twilight.
I heard my classmates talking enthusiastically about VK, so I decided to try it out. I regretted it.

Pump03 Pump03

Bon, je vais le faire en français, celui-ci x) [Trop de mal à trouver les mots ^^]
Un shôjo pas mal. Bon, y'a des vampire, y'a de l'amour mais, y'a aussi de l'action, des combats et du saaaaang~ x)
Même si l'histoire est un peu à l'eau de rose [Voire très par moments], elle est bien ficelée. Et pis, y'a quelques mecs bien ténébreux comme on les aime ;3

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

i like this anime, the charecters is well drawned and the story is beautiful, but i don't like the main charecters Yuki and Zero they get me on my nerve, i like the graphics and the background and i like the vampire characters and how they are classificated into day and night classes i like the whole idea.