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Vampire lore varies a lot between works. Each universe that contains vampires will often accept certain basic tropes which may or may not be modified, as well as add universe-specific rules. Vampires have certain elements in common with incubi and succubi, demons which feed on the lifeforce of their female and male victims by seducing them.

Tropes common across various lores present vampires as drinking blood; being unusually beautiful, with a very long lifespan (sometimes even immortal); being highly sensitive to light; and possessing certain supernatural powers that aid in hunting (such as hypnotism, super speed, or super strength). They may or may not be sensitive to religious objects.
Common visual cues are fangs and (sometimes) bat wings and a very light, bluish skintone.

In modern works, vampires display a more human appearance, being able to blend in with humans while arousing minimal suspicions (and those mostly as a result of their beauty and very pale skin). In the past and when they go too long without feeding, vampires are shown to look almost emaciated, with longer fangs and very long fingernails/claws, as well as poor (or no) control over their feeding.

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