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Kawaiiguy's Variable Geo Tv Review

Rated: 5

As plot devices go, Variable Geo is definitely one of a kind. It's a strange cross between magical girl, ecchi, and a whole lot of messed up. There is definitely a hint of adult humor and situations throughout, including lots of things that make me wonder how this series wasn’t classified as hentai. To make up for it, the series doesn’t take itself seriously. I can’t see how this could possibly try to be serious.

For those who are looking for something lighthearted with action and a large side of ecchi, VG is the ticket. It definitely is a "watch and forget" series with some mild rewatchability. There’s plenty of action for the casual fan and more than a fair share of breast. I would recommend this as a “group anime,� so you don’t feel dirty watching it all by yourself.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

A very awesome battle ecchi series with great characters, the vocal performances by the seiyuu were really spot-on and many of them are my favorites such as Kotono Mitsuishi, Ai Orikasa, Yuko Miyamura, Junko Iwao, and Yuka Imai...I wish veterans like them were cast as lead characters in anime because of the incredible talent they have and I feel they are being underused. Anyway, the story was really good and the designs were very sexy for the well-endowed characters. This series is one piece of the pie that made 90's ecchi so cool, because it wasn't just about the T&A, but also delivered on developing the story and characters as well.

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