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minayuri minayuri

A really cute and sweet romance series that was rather heartwarming and fun to see. The animation could've been a little bit better for the time it came out in though for an OVA. Yota is quite the finest protagonist you can come by as he is someone that you can relate to and he is a sweet guy with a good head on his shoulders.

Raffachan Raffachan

Unfortunaly the anime serie of this wonderful work f Katsura it was really disappointing -.-
I don't like the chose of colours and the animetion itself, and nore than this, they are only 6 episodes é_è For a story composed bu 21 volumes!
Actually the anime doesn't cover more than 3 volume, and the end is really forced...
If anyone saw it, forgot it and go to search the manga, it's a totally different thing!

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

to be honest...

i'm a big fan of masakazu sensei...
i even have the 4C limited art book ( which is hell of a effort for searching it in indonesia ! )
Video Girl Ai is one of my fave...

love the story most...:D

so i got nothing to complain here...:)

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