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Member Opinions

Supersaiyan-V Supersaiyan-V

It was a personal guilty pleasure - Schoolgirls in short-shorts going all magical-girl super sentai w/ multiple transformations and evolving enemies.. Yeah, I ate it up. Maybe a bit overboard w/ fanservice & is it too much to ask to have a male love interest or something? Hell, even a minor male character? Just saying

mikeb23 mikeb23

I made a mental note to myself years ago that I wouldn't watch a "magical girl" anime. I was gravely mistaken when I stumbled upon Vividred Operation and ended up watching the entire series without questioning my motives. The plot of this story was linear; girl gets suit, fights monsters, girls friends also get suits and fight bigger monsters, final boss battle at end of show with the biggest monster. And the underlying theme... FRIENDSHIP. Bottom line, it was cute girls with badass weapons magnified x1000 fighting evil and I watched it for those reasons. Lastly, ass shots...and lots of it :)

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