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Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

The power of love will save us all. This anime is always compared to Sailormoon but I say that it's concept must have been really made like Sailormoon but the plot of this anime has deeper sense. They don't kill their enemies.The Loveangels use the power of their love waves to purify their enemies by making them feel what true love is.It has less violence and I always love the comic scene. I also love the strong friendship they depicted here and the beautiful arts of their wedding gowns, armors and weapons.I also love how the main heroine did her best and never gave up her love to her boyfriend despite the fact that they are destined to kill each other. Wedding Peach is a perfect romantic anime and magical girl anime for all of you.


I'm not into "magic girls doing magical thinks" kind of series, but the beginning half of this series was really great. And this was unique, not some "mass" stuff what I see nowadays.
+ This was so funny! xD

riho88riho riho88riho

Everyone would compare this series to Sailor Moon, no doubt about it... but remember, they're two different series and not the same so don't judge one based on the other.

Wedding Peach brings a really good aspect of how a love-love relationship would develop. In Sailor Moon, Usagi and Mamoru only "grow closer" when he saves her or she saves him, without really knowing each other outside of battle. This is where Wedding Peach completely destroys SM, in my opinion. WP's characters all develop love interests and romance but the way it goes about doing this is often times outside of battle. It does a good job of transitioning the relationships from the Sempia to their respective lovers. Momoko and Yosuke's relationship building happens a lot outside of battle and thus could be said to be based on more than just risking their lives for each other. Though none of the characters really change or develop, their relationships do (friendship, family, and obviously love).

True the series is a lot like SM, also meaning it has a lot of "cheezy" scenes and attack's with names. However, unlike SM, when their attacks upgrade, they will occasionally go back to using the first level when that type of attack is more convenient (note: this was one of the biggest annoyances for me in SM was that just cuz they have a new stronger attack, they stopped using the old ones even if it would've been beneficial via strategy). Although Momoko is a lot like Usagi as in she's clumsy, she's less of a crybaby and she isn't a wimp in battle or even outside of battle making her far easier to deal with and like than Usagi (in the earlier parts before she matures... a bit).

The plot is there and although there are filler bad guys, most of the time the episode has some point, whether developing the relationships or just straight up plot involvement. As such, it's easier to "get through" and enjoy the series without feeling the pressure from filler. It's not nearly as long as SM either, but that just makes it better because it doesn't ridiculous or stupid/crazy.

Ending was actually one of the most touching endings of a girly-romantic-based anime I've seen to a point it greatly inspired me in the romance/relationship department. Either way, though it might be a little on the childish side, this series has a lot going for it.

(I own and have read all of the manga as well. The manga is actually really good as well and goes hand and hand with the anime for the most part with little differences. Together they make a wonderful series.)

Zetsugami Zetsugami

I only own the first three volumes of the manga. The series seems to be out of print since it is no longer sold in stores, so I doubt I will ever finish it. I doubt I will ever watch the anime either.
Favorite characters: Tanima Yuri (?? ??) "Angel Lily".

Sutcliffe Sutcliffe

I was only able to make it through 3 volumes before I had to stop. Not only because I disliked it but because it went out of print while I was reading it. I will not waste my time with the anime.
My favorite character is...Yuri Tanima I guess.~?


HOLD ON. I will explain WHY. I read this manga as I was going through my *magical girl stage*. I heard that this manga was EXACLY like sailor moon so... (>_>) I really couldn't help myself! (;_;) Thats what kind of sucked about this series though... It REALLY WAS just like sailor moon. Not very original. Still, I love magical girl manga so... I wont be SO harsh on this series. I was only able to buy 3 volumes and... its impossible to find them in stores anymore! I might order the rest later... (xD not ashamed to admit that) I have ZERO interest in the anime. ZERO.
~ ~ ~
Favorite Characters: Yuri Tanima?

mushroomtea mushroomtea

Ok, so it's a little cheesy at times, but it's true magical girl anime at its finest. The character development is great and the animation is lovely. Obviously you can compare it to Sailormoon all day long, but I very much think that it can stand on it's own. I love it.


Wedding Peach..
At first I thought it was copy of Sailor Moon (which was my favorite till I saw Wedding Peach)
When I saw the hole series, it became my favorite. The plot was good, and characters too, series wasn`t too long..
I liked Wedding Peach so much that I made a website for it (Finnish Language)


Shockingly a great anime. A lot like sailor moon and what some might consider a rip off but this anime is all its own and has great elements. A little corny at times but hey it is meant for younger girls who are into that fluff.

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