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Makoto Kubota is a quiet high school student who ends up becoming the leader of the Izumokai Yakuza youth group, which he joins simply because he has nothing better to do. No one knows much about him, other than his name and that he has a policeman uncle named Kasai. Kubota lives alone, and has absolutely no interest in other human beings. Within a few months, he gains immense respect from his peers -- especially Nobuo Komiya, the vice-chief his group.

During this time, secrets are being unearthed about the mysterious WA drug that had been circling Tokyo since 1995; mangled corpses have been turning up, all of which covered in hair and with claws like beasts... After the sudden death of his friend, Makoto leaves the Izumokai group. Shortly after, he finds a man crumpled in an alleyway; Tokito has no idea who he is, but takes him home. The only thing that he can rely on to discover the man's identity is an old chained necklace with the engraved name "Minoru", and a beast-like right hand that looks suspiciously like the recent corpses Kubota's uncle keeps talking about...

Synopsis: nevheera

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