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Shoujoboy's Wild Arms Game Review

Rated: 7

Battle System: If you've played Wild Arms 4, then you can skip this section. It's the exact same. The battle system takes place on a board of 7 hexagons... cleverly called HEXs. Each turn you can make a move and attack other HEXs. You can occupy the same HEX with your teammates, but not the enemy. 3 of these HEXs have elements to them called Ley Points. 2 of these will always be opposing elements (IE water-fire or wind-earth). So sometimes you can manuever your people to corner an enemy who is say weak to wind onto an earth ley point, and then send your attacker back to a wind and just spam them to oblivion. Very rarely will you need any kind of strategy though as just attack, heal, rinse and repeat should work for the majority of the game.

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