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After recently losing her mother, Sachie Wakamura is suddenly greeted by her maternal grandfather, whom she has never met, who offers to let her live with him. She soon discovers that her grandfather is a less than ordinary man: he is a head of a yakuza gang. To help her adjust to her new home, she is assigned a bodyguard, the handsome and protective Rakuto Igarashi. While struggling to keep all this hidden from her classmates, Sachie attempts to graduate from high school and become a professional chef.

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aozoraskies aozoraskies

This flopped because it became over-shoujo-ised. :c Good: Funny interactions between protagonist and her 'new' family of yakuza, traditionalist vs modern, funny flailing as protagonist tries to hide her new yakuza background. Bad: The love interest. I want to hit him. D: It makes zero sense, the romance most of the time. I can't sympathise with the romance at all. that took away SO much.

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