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As one of the leader's sons, Yuuen's only wish is to do something for the well-being of his tribe. However, since his body is less muscular than the other tribe members', Yuuen can't hunt properly. After hearing his complaints, chief Yuni comes up with an idea: dressed as a woman, Yuuen will try to persuade the best hunter of the rival clan, Emba, to share some of his catch with them. From the following day, the disguised Yuuen gradually gets closer to Emba; in turn, to chief Yuni's delight, Emba starts giving "her" his prey. This doesn't help Yuuen's heart though, as he grows to hate lying to Emba and starts wanting to be loved for who he truly is.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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KitanaSama KitanaSama

Kyaa! Me apaixonei por esse mangá!!! Me apaixonei pela história, pelo traço da mangaká, pelos personagens! Um dos mangas yaois mais meigos, cativantes e tudo de bom que eu já li. Já tem um tempo que eu li essa história mas gostei tanto que nunca tive coragem de exclui-la do meu pc. Volta e meia eu re-leio ele pra matar a saudade! O seme, Emba, Céus!!! Eu baboooo horrores!! Que fisico! Que saúde! Meus deus! E o uke, Yuuen, é tão bonitinho e meigo. Eu até entendo o Emba sabe. Eu no lugar dele também pegaria o Yuuen pra criar. hahahahahaha

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Definitely a good introduction to yaoi. While it does have 2-3 more risque scenes, the majority of it is tame and mainly focuses on romance rather than sex. The main characters are the stereotypical hardass seme and soft uke, but this doesn't mean the manga is boring. If anything, its fault is its length, as it could have been longer to allow the characters to be more fleshed out and avoid stereotypes. However, it's good for a quick fix and doesn't require too much thinking about, since it's fairly straightforward.

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