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In the near future, being a Witch doesn't so much require using actual magic as it requires gaining supernatural abilities through one's genetics. People who have the gene but aren't "awakened" to the Craft are classified as Seeds, and then reclassified when they show signs of awakening. There are even some Witches who use them as they see fit; giving in to darker emotions and abusing that power. This is where the STN steps in. The STN (or Solomon) is an organization dedicated to the capture of Witches.

Centering around the Japanese branch of the organization, simply called the STN-J, the story picks up where they have recently lost one of their members, Kate. Headquarters promptly send in a replacement: Robin Sena, a fifteen-year-old girl raised in an Italian convent. Possessing the power to start fires, she is a Craft user and a Hunter who utilizes the abilities of a Witch.

Things do not go well for Robin: along with getting used to the unusal substance that STN-J uses to repel the Witches' power, and refusing to kill Witches, her uncontrolled use of the Craft starts Robin off on the wrong foot with her assigned partner, the mysterious Amon. However, Robin and her fellow Hunters come together as they uncover disturbing truths concerning the ancient struggle between humans and Witches, Kate's sudden disappearance, the organization they work for...and ultimately, the dark secret surrounding Robin's very existence.

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Nauxolo's Witch Hunter Robin Tv Review

Rated: 7

One of the main appeals to watching this series to its entirety is the hope that something will happen. There are certainly a lot of interesting mysteries in here left unsolved, but watching this again will not solve them either. Because the character interactions are somewhat weak and the story pacing feels a little slow, I think only those who have an intense love for Robin should watch this again.

As for whether or not I would recommend this series... I fear not because the beginning is just way too slow and not worth the half-assed wind down to the end.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

this is one of those anime that you wish for a second season but then you wonder what are they going to do, will they kill it? it's one of my top five and I have to admit it's really good. it's another one of those twist and turns plots and yes two of my favorite voice actors dwell within the anime as well ;)

Glukogen Glukogen

On a plot of the story a bit in common with the Darker than Black. But the second film wins in the tension of story and action. In "Robin" story is often slack, alternating between interesting moments and moments like "although would not fall asleep" (I watched episode in the night). For me, remained a mystery what happened to the main characters, and why they have such a age difference (in the sense it could be much less)

singlemoon singlemoon

When Witch Hunter Robin was aired I was in the mood for something dark and supernatural, that's why I decided to watch this anime. I really enjoyed this series, even thou it gives off 'sloooooooow' aura. My favorite character is Robin and I guessed that helped me much in finishing this story. The story gets more serious in the later episode and the ending leaves me with a dissatisfaction feeling.
But still, it's a pretty awesome story once you get to know it. It become one of the memorable anime in my watch list. :)


One of my favourite series, and one that I have a few tattoos of on me( I have robin and Amon on arms) It was the start of my obsession with the Anime, and one that still is my top one. Story, animation... everything is perfect. Some might disagree, but I don't care. WHR is the best one out there for story and excellence.

I am on the 50th watching of the series -cant get enough.

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

This Sunrise anime is about witches, aka mutants, as in X-Men mutants, but without the customs, & the tails & the blue skins aren't an option here. So, it's about these witches & the organization that hunts them down, & watching it I couldn't help but wonder wither it's just me or have others likened some of the characters here to character types seen in the TV series 'La Famme Nikita'...
Of course I'm referring to the characters in the original TV drama, not the French movie 'Nikita', or the American remake of the same name, nor the new TV series, also titled 'Nikita', that is based on the 'La Famme Nikita' series... but this is not the subject here...
In any case, this is a good show, & even though there are many character backgrounds & in-universe details that i would like to know more about, I did enjoy it enough to make me mark it on my watchlist & write something here about it, so there.

symphonyofthieves symphonyofthieves

I LOVED this show, and the only reason I didn't give it a full 10 is because the beginning episodes are slow, which isn't a big deal the first time through, but the third and fourth - can be tiresome. I loved the concept and how the ending of the series still left viewers with some questions to keep them thinking about the anime a long time.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

Me and my sister have finished seeing the series, and I gotta say it was a bit disappointing because I was hoping Robin would end up with Amon. But then again, it was an awesome series. I loved the fact that they're main target was in front of them, the Witch Hunting Business was cool, the art is unique and the characters were alright. Robin is a strong female character - which is why I love her.

pax1313 pax1313

well, i saw this very long ago. the story is not very sustancial in terms of
development, some episodes lose connection and in the end there are things that remain unexplained.
but the trace, although very simple, is quite original. personally i enjoyed watching the first half of the anime
because it kept focused on a subject wich was the hunt for witches and the development of robin's character(who is actually the only character developed at all if you ask me). after that everything becomes very
predictable from my point of view. that would be my objective review haha. but actually i really liked it maybe it's cause
it was one of the first anime i saw as an official anime fan, so i have a special thought of it.
i would recommend this to those who, like me, enjoy action. of course there are
much better animes when it comes to that, but i'll leave you to decide that.


An amazing anime, nearing the end of the first box set (there are two) you get so entwined into robins life, feelings and her surrounding characters, you just HAVE to watch the second box set. I'm now about to watch the last DVD and all i can really say, is WOW. There have been so many unexpected turns in this series, its amazing and keeps you hooked! Love it!

Onikami Onikami

This Anime is what I like to call a "sleeper." I was expecting a descent Anime, but it was much better than I anticipated! The story was original and very intriguing. The Animation style had the same feel as Ergo Proxy which I really liked and the characters "histories" were very well done. If you haven't seen it yet then you should. It just may surprise you too. ^_^

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