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This is the anime version of Witchblade only, and not the American comic published by Top Cow and made famous by Michael Turner in the 1990's.

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xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Really sad ending for this anime. The story is good but sometimes the "WTF" factor can get things really awkward. There are also those scenes that are rather implicit and make you feel like this anime is really perverted. The character design was great, I liked most of the character's Witchblade modes.

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

W.T.F... O.o That's pretty much all I can say. I watched this through to the end and do not wish for a re-watch experience. Sure, I liked it, but there was way too much fan-service and fighting, and not enough storyline to make me want to watch again. Plus, the ending kinda sucked for me... T-T I nearly shed tears for her little girl. Anyway, I think I can give it a B- with a good conscience. ^^;

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

This anime... well I didn't really know what to make of it, it mostly was like the typical "average guy gets powers and finds out he's the chosen one" only it was a girl not a guy. Anyways, I liked the mother daughter relationship going on and it was a pretty nice idea overall. Anyways, I kinda sorta wasn't paying attention to most of the episodes, couldn't keep my attention.

Astara Astara

This had some interesting ideas -- interesting story line, but flawed in a few needless ways that end up in a pretty sucky ending. Not a series to watch if you don't have some happy anime to watch afterwards and cleans you of the overarching sadness that permeates this anime and fullfills its promise with a sad ending.

The lines were more soundbites than conversations sometimes. Especially when she was in her transformed form, the transformed WitchBlade mostly had a limited conversational ability and limited repertoire of actions -- she evolves and and manages to deliver on a sad ending. Not one of my favorites.

Oh - lots of gore -- with the lead char transforming into a killing machine to take out re-animated corpes-brains from felons that were being used to control war-machines (and no one thought to think that putting felons, put to death for crimes, into the control centers of war machines, might not have some uncontrolled and bad consequences...) Oh well, it is fiction...

o0--Butterfly--0o o0--Butterfly--0o

The only reason why it didnt score 10/10 because I thought they needed a happier ending.. I love the plot to this and how its a womens war XD I love the development of characters, mother and daughter, and how they shouldnt and couldnt be separated =)

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