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A long time ago, the Words Worth tablet separated the worlds of Shadow and Light. On it were written invaluable secrets, but they could only be read and understood by someone who used both Light and Shadow. However, that tablet was shattered and its pieces scattered all over the place, leading to an 100-year war between the Tribes of Shadow and Light.
Astral, the Prince of the Shadow Tribe, leads a peaceful but frustrating life: he is engaged to the beautiful Sharon, who is skilled in wielding the sword but doesn't respect him because he hasn't earned his Swordsman Seal. The King of the Shadow Tribe won't allow his son to have this seal for fear of his safety, which leads to much sadness from Astral's part. Will he ever manage to win the Swordsman Seal and Sharon's respect and love? And what do his strange dreams mean?
Description: pandemonium91

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