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Souta Takanashi is a 16-year-old high school student looking for a part time job who ends up working at a family restaurant called Wagnaria. He soon finds out his job is filled with many other employees all with their own quirks.

His co-workers include Poplar Taneshima, a high school student who's actually a year older than Souta but looks like she’s still a child; Jun Satou, a 20-year old chef who’s helpful but is seen as intimidating by some; Hiroomi Souma, the assistant chef who often blackmails the others; Yachiyo Todoroki, the kind and caring waitress and cashier; Mahiru Inami, a fellow waitress who is extremely afraid of men; Aoi Yamada the newly hired waitress who’s a compulsive liar and Kyouko Shirafuji, the 28-year old lazy and short-tempered manager.

Will Souta be able to work at Wagnaria with so many different personalities in one place?

Credit: MisaSasekage

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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

A comedy anime I just decided to pick up. After getting through the first season in one day, I quite enjoyed it. Working!! is extremely funny, which lies in the interactions between the many different characters and their even more different personalities. Souta is a nice guy with an obsession for cute/small things, which some of his co-workers use against him at times, but he's a nice guy. Though it's due to how his father raised him, and the fact that he has 4 sisters; only one being younger than him. Aoi is alright, even though she's a compulsive liar. Popura is a cute character, though she gets picked on a lot because she's 17 years old but because of her size looks like a child and has a complex about her height. I like Jun, it's funny when he messes with Popura's hair. Souma can be funny but working around him or doing too much of anything invoving him could make you very on edge since he's very good at finding out secrets and doesn't hesitate to use them against you. Kyouko is a woman who enjoys eating, is lazy and very violent. Though she does care about her staff; some more than others. Yachiyo is kind and gentle willing to help anyone, though she will drop everything to attend to Kyouko and is very protective with the female staff. Though she scares quite a few customers because of the fact that she carries a katana around with her. And then there's Inami, while I thought eventually I might be able to sympathize with her I found it really hard to do so. While I get that she's this way because of her father, sometimes it feels like she's not really trying to get over her fear; don't get me wrong Inami does put forth good effort at times, but the rest of the time it seems like she's not really trying at all. And while I also understand she has a crush on Souta; because he's allowing himself to be her punching bag all the while using that and daily interaction as a way to help her get over her fear and be able to live a normal life, it just seems unbelievable to me because she never seems to improve. And I definitely wasn’t too enthralled about all the attention that Mahiru got back in season one, mainly because again her androphobia never seems to improve. It was funny seeing Aoi and Popura try and dig up info to use against Souma.

dnandre dnandre

one of my fav anime, the most interesting thing in this anime (i think) is the relationship between Takanashi and Inami, though each character has amusing personality, and their story while working in wagnaria is also dunny and interesting xD yep, nice slice of life anime with "must see" label xD

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Stable, funny and romantic anime. I loved it like i loved Bakemonogatari. Although the story line and presentation is quite different but yet it amused me like it. The story revolves around a guy named Takanashi, who has a huge interest in small and cute things like puppy, kids and stuff toys. He is a part timer at a cafe with his senpai who is smaller in size and so is able to call for his interest. Quite enjoyable anime for laid back.

And one last thing.. Awesomest and coolest ending song. Starting song is quite cute and great too.

ghost945 ghost945

season 1 was great. each character was given story and insights. this is depth and growing up story. seiyuu maintained their good performance. music ok, would have preferred to get a singer instead of using seiyuu. oh well... it's all to do with the budget.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

Really light-hearted series, I laughed during the whole first episode (and the following). Each character is very likeable, but my favorite was Satou, the blond cook. It seems that there will be a second season, and I can't wait to watch it!

martirsadota martirsadota

It's like K-On! (moe-wise), but has the qualities of a typical rom-com. Okay, there isn't much romance shown in here, but oh well :P

It's a relaxing watch IMO, and it gets your spirits up like, well, K-On.

...And be warned of a slightly disappointing ending. :P

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