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Kamui Shirou has returned to Tokyo after 6 years, following the wish of his mother, and ultimately, his fate. It is 1999, and Kamui, gifted with psionic powers, has been foretold to either save the world, or to destroy it. The Seven Seals (Dragons of Heaven) wish to save humanity, while the Seven Angels (Dragons of Earth) wish to destroy humanity in order to save the physical Earth and cleanse it. Kamui must choose a side, but unbeknownst to him, his twin star awaits to serve whichever side will become his rival.

The world can only watch the destruction after the choice is made as time draws nearer to the Promised Day... and perhaps the Apocalypse.

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Kamuinoyume's X Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 9

Both the anime and Manga take their time building up the characters and back story, so, for all you shonen fans out there who like action packed flicks, this might not be the thing for you. Religious people might not enjoy the way the God theme is handled in this Manga, and the ambiguous sexuality of some characters. Insensitivity towards the earthquake victims are what got the Manga band in the beginning, so I guess they won't take to kindly to it either, and there's a loooooooot of violence in the Manga (Dismembered people are an every day occurrence there, just to give you a taste of what's ahead), so I'd recommend the anime if you're not into that kind of thing but still want to enjoy and engaging story with realistic character development and great payoff.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

X/1999 Movie gets a 5 and the TV series gets a 9. The movie is a dull adaptation of the series although I did like Junko Iwao's Kotori, Ken Narita's Fuuma, and Tomokazu Seki's Kamui in their respective performances. The TV series allowed for the characters to be developed before we go into the confrontation of the Dragons of Heaven vs. the Dragons of Earth. So to get the best experience of X/1999, watch the TV series.

Cirru Cirru

It is too sad that the manga was canceled. : ( Anyhow, the DVDs of this are a real eye opener on society and how mankind is harming the planet. There are those that love and protect the planet, then there are those that serve their own self interests.

Jigoku-Megami Jigoku-Megami

I love this anime/manga, it's amazing and has such beautiful graphics throughout it all. Never a dull moment. It gives me the chills with how it's about the end of the world coming near, which makes it all the better.
*cough*I wanna have Kamui or Fuuma's babies~*cough* I highly advise anyone to watch/read this.

Dyuu Dyuu

I just watch this anime recently even though this is an old anime. I can tell the story is good, but it feels kinda rushed. The happy ending isn't really a happy ending. The art looks good, but some guys on it looks too skinny. Well, I guess that was just the style of the mangaka. N the battle scenes r not so manly. Heheh. I can tell if whoever made them is not male. But female.

Felcie Felcie

Clamp are just great... Do I really have to add something ? Well, the idea of the end of the world is... old like the world but the way they build the plot around it is absolutely amazing and, at that time, original... <3 There's a looot of characters and I love them all, even if they are very different. Especially the main characters. I like the way they evolved, no matter when, I loved them... Nowadays, Lelouch and Suzaku remind me a lot of Kamui and Fuma, no wonder why ;)

rosel-D rosel-D

Series: The episodes are brutally awesome! Lesser violence compared to the movie. HAS an ending (unlike the manga, still on hiatus).
Movie: Short, lacks character development, much detailed and fluid animation, more brutal scenes ( Kotori decapitation dream. what the...), one survivor, tragic, and has a different ending from the series.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

Watched the first episode, and I loved the typical CLAMP storytelling : you're thrown in a new universe and you don't understand a lot of things, and all those unknown things are what would keep me watching this show (aside the fact that I've heard or read a lot of good things about X, and that I begin to love CLAMP ..._.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I loved the movie of X and I was glad CLAMP made a TV series of it. It explained very detailed of every characters' past life and I liked that. The ending was alright for me, but I loved the ending better from the X/1999 movie. The ending song was better too (Forever Love - X Japan). The movie's art was awesome too, I love those movies that look so dark and horror. The series wasn't like that, but I still loved it.
My 3 fave characters: Fuma, Seishirou, Kusanagi

Suxinn Suxinn

/manga/ Like Tokyo Babylon, X started out a bit slow, but eventually grew to fit its role as "end of the world epic". And, also like Tokyo Babylon, X brings out some good points about the world and society without sounding preachy. The dynamics between the characters are also very nice.

chalupa chalupa

This one started out slow and introduced a lot of intriguing elements...and at some point the animators realized that the manga was still going on, so they decided to deviate from the source material and tie all those intriguing together in a mere 26 episodes. The result, as always, was a rushed ending that didn't satisfy.

jaymac jaymac

I own both the movie and the TV series. The movie version was only alright for me (the visuals and animation were good but the plot and storyline needs a lot of work (and I do mean A LOT)), but the TV series was very well done. It appears the latter is much more in line with the manga and character development is in a lot more detail.

Kawoszowa Kawoszowa

Like: Arisugawa Sorata, Kigai Yuto, Kishu Arashi, Kuzuki Kakyo, Shirou Kamui, Sumeragi Hokuto, Sumeragi Subaru
Hate: Kanoe, Nataku, Yatoji Satsuki
Quote: "Mada, mirai wa kimattenai-te."


very interesting plot. though it was a shame for the main girl character to die in the first few episodes, and then the others dying one by one near the end (which was so sad T_T) i reli like the charas nd stuff

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