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Yakitate looks at the glory that is Bread! 16 year old Azuma Kazuma is a boy with the legendary Solar Hands, and dreams to create ja-pan; a bread that will become a national symbol of the country. In following this dream he becomes employed by Pantasia, one of the higher status bread companies in Japan. Azuma invents mighty breads to prove his strength to the world while at the same time trying to save Pantasia from its over-bearing rival St Pierres.

Written by littlejonny100

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Ephemeral-Garden's Yakitate!! Japan Tv Review

Rated: 9

The presentation makes you feel like you're watching Ranma 1/2 - as if there's no end to the anime. It's actually very hard to picture how would Yakitate! Japan actually ended.

Yakitate! Japan, in overall, is great. Moderate music, moderate art, but a huge amount of puns and jokes and useful knowledges on baking bread sum up to how Yakitate! Japan is. The humour is all over the place, we get to see Japan prefectures' special localities, we get to see how to bake all kinds of bread. This anime actually shows how does it feels like to be a baker, and might be a very good use for those who aspires to be a future baker. Well, if you're not, then mostly likely the hilarious puns and parodies will make you fall in love with the anime.

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Member Opinions

kuro115b kuro115b

Okay! this cooking anime was so good! The comedy were awesome and the art were wonderful! I mean, I watch each episodes and can't stop laughing to tear seeing the attitude of the juries and people who taste the food! unlike Yumeiro Patissiere, the effect to describe how the bread feel was exaggerated and too flash also too funny! I bet people who loves comedy will laugh to tear seeing it!

singlemoon singlemoon

Hahaha~ lots of random moments and my perfect image of Kuroyan was shattered....it's funny thou.
Well, since it's the first anime about bread I watched, I think it's pretty awesome. Lots of lovely looking bread, but sadly, I can't droll cause they're in 2D view. XD
The humor almost kill me, and I just love the concept of 'no perfect character whatsoever' in this story, it really lighten things up. XD

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