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Based on the Afternoon serial by Ashinano Hitoshi, the four episode OVA chronicles the travels of Alpha. The series takes place many years in the future, a time when rising temperatures have caused the polar ice caps to melt and the oceans to rise. Many of the world's major cities now lay under the rising oceans and human civilization is on the decline. The pace of life has slowed to a crawl and people lead a far more laid back life. The audience is given a glimpse of this future world and the lives people lead through the eyes of Alpha, a human-like robot.

Credits: kawaiiguy

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Kawaiiguy's Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Tv Review

Rated: 8

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is one of the most calming series I've ever seen and read. The artwork, music, and story work extremely well together to create a beautiful work of art. At first glance, most people will probably not enjoy this work since it obviously lacks any coherent story. Even watching the series to completion leaves the viewer feel unfulfilled. It doesn't leave much of an impression and may be quickly forgotten. However, a change in mindset may boost the way a person looks at this work.

YKK isn't a story with mechas, technological gizmos, and explosions. It also isn't some sappy romance story about betrayal and how the main female character has some horrid grudge against all men everywhere. YKK is about the life of Alpha, a robot who runs a coffee shop.

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