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Collection of oneshots:

1) Yokubou Shounen (A Desire Boy): high school student Shinobu Uesugi relies on Saguru Matsunae for "comforting"...and not of the emotional kind. But one day Saguru refuses to oblige...
2) Sawaki's Situation: no one would be able to tell at first glance, but the shy Makoto Sawaki and the outspoken Hideya Katsumata are actually best friends! But why has Hideya become so possessive of Makoto all of a sudden?
3) Love Snatcher: salaryman Tatsuaki Tanaka is disheartened after being discriminated against and fired. After getting drunk, he makes a wish to the Moon and is magically transported to another world, where people have animal features. Thinking he's imagining things, he parties with them all night, but when he wakes up in the morning he's still there - and a promised "bride" to the King?!
4) Ai to Chinmoku (Love and Reticence): introverted ghost writer Kisa is a regular client at a small, run down restaurant that sells delicious food. He slowly builds a friendship with the manager.
5) Oboreru Kankei (Drowning in Love): even though he's gay, Keiichi Yoshino loves kids and wants to have his own family one day, so he considers himself lucky when his new neighbor, illustrator Kayumi Takamasa, asks for help with his two kids. But what does Kayumi actually have in mind for him?

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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