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Nalataia Nalataia

Too funny to be ignored. It is not a masterpiece, however, it is worth the time you spend watching it. The main demon characters are a mix of crybabys and evil geniuses... but, the Evil itself is the human who summons them; Akutabe. Azazel, Beelzebub, Salamander... all of them. I think Satanas will pee his pants in the presence of Akutabe.

Then, there is the girl who has a part-time job in Akutabe's: at first she does not know about the summoning and when she learns about it, the girl gets involved with one of the demons as her master, well, kinda. Like Akutabe, she frequently gets pissed off because of the demons, mostly because of Azazel.

There are also angels: a very odd pair of angels. And God, a very lustful and a vengeful one.

Azazel and Bobo-bo would get along for sure.

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