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minayuri minayuri

The protagonists Miyuki and Natsumi are one of the best female anime duos I've seen as they work so well together as partners, both of them are courageous young women with strong hearts who fight for what they believe in and have an admirable sense of justice as police officers. They also have likeable personalities that they would be easy to get along with in real life. The 1st OVA was quite enjoyable to watch and it has good quality animation. The 1st TV series is average at best, the quality is rather lacking in the animation and I feel 26 episodes would've been fine. Also, the episodes with that Chie woman are the worst parts of the 1st TV series, she's an annoying character and I feel the series would be better off without her. I enjoyed the movie very much as it's a plot driven crime drama and the storyline it had was engaging with the tense scenes it had and the action sequences. It also has fantastic animation on all fronts with character artwork and setting detail.

singlemoon singlemoon

The reason why I started to watch this series is because I get to see Natsumi on action, she's not really a perfect woman, *tears* but still, she's too much for a guy to handle. XD
Got lots of funny moment and also awesome moment, so I'm pretty much enjoy myself when I'm watching this series. XD

evelluchia evelluchia

this has to be the most fun cuple of cops ive ever seen i would love to tag along for the ride oh wate hehe in this series you do get to tage along with two very fun cops who in the end make one very good set of friends ^-^ if you want some fun in the cop world with out the paperwork and training watch this series or youll be arrested :P

ghost945 ghost945

great storyline, impressive collection of stories with four seasons, several ovas, two movies in the whole span. plot surrounding police in Japan. innovative and theme very positive. characters pretty much developed with love and insights. realistic people with realistic events. artworks of characters great at its time. seiyuu performances solid and consistent throughout.

Naruth Naruth

Don't really know what draws me to this show. Just gotta watch. Each episode is like a Lay's Originals potato chip to me. They're kind of bland, but good enough for me to want to finish the bag. Also, Miyuki and Natsuki are pretty hawt. There, I said it.

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