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Member Opinions


Yu-Gi-Oh! Card games now on motorcycles...called Duel Riders.
Love this Yu-Gi-Oh! Seasons.

Never watch this dubbed. EVER! So horrible.
Saw few episodes dubbed...I'll never do it again.

They completely destroyed Yusei's silent personality. They make him talk smack? Come on idiots.
Yusei is never like that. Way to destroy my favorite character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise even more that Atemu.
I can't stand 4-Kids. Well the name says a lot. Anime isn't for children.

I'll wait to buy this when they make Dual-Audio DVDs for this.

Mic-Rnol-Mik Mic-Rnol-Mik

Best YuGiOh series.

I was one of the people that thought 'Card games on motorcycles? pff, stupid'. I decided to give it a try, and it ended up surprising me all the time. The characters are awesome, the Riding Duels are not as bad as they sound, they're actually more entertaining than the ground duels. The Synchro monsters are easy to use. It's just perfect!

I think it could've been even better and longer, I'm still sad that it ended, but it was great. Riding duel, ACCELERATION! x3

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

It isn't so good like the first or second reason of yu-gi-oh! I think that The original was the best! ok, 5D's have the action that I miss in the Gx but duell with cars or bike????? Why??? It's the speed of bikes so important than the duell???

randomly--random randomly--random

this is another spin-off of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters && i have to admit, i liked this anime though the characters (the main protagonist, Yusei Fudo, to be particular) are quite serious which makes this series boring at times... i sorta stopped watching this for a while and still don't know if i'll continue orr not...

woochann woochann

Yeah...no. There can be a thing as too much Yu-gi-oh!. And this was the ice breaker for me. Yu-gi-oh! in itself had so many seasons that it could fill you. GX was iffy as it went along and I disliked this one from the beginning. Sorry 5D fans. >___>

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