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Creation of Clow Reed, True form of Yukito Tsukishiro, and Judge.
He's also the second guardian of the Clow Book.

Yue's presence is undetectable to the appointer and the candidate, before the final judgement. Yue is unable to accept Clow's death, he said that he doesn't need a new master and no one could surpass Clow. In the end, he accepted Sakura as a friend than a master. As Yue symbolizes the moon, his powers also mimic the way of the moon; which doesn't produce its own light and it dependent on the sun's light to shine. Yue has to absorb magical powers from his master, or else he'll cease to exist. However, Sakura's powers are not strong enough to support Yue. Touya offer his powers to Yue, in return Yue promised Touya that Yukito wouldn't disappear in the distance future and to protect Sakura and his other self from all harm.

Description: Hakaru

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