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Yui Kotegawa

Yui Kotegawa Character

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Tagged under To-LOVE-Ru, Waifu, Black Hair, Long Hair.

Yui is a high strung girl who has a very strict on student behavior, especially when Lala and Rito are involved. She often finds herself in some strange situations where she ends up embarrassed, naked or groped.

Gradually, as she becomes accustomed to Lala's and Rito's antics, she develops some feelings towards Rito.
However, because of her lack of experience with boys, she is too embarrassed to admit that she likes him. A running gag is that the characters introduced later in the story can't remember Yui's family name presumably due to the fact she is generally an unwilling participant in Lala's frequent schemes.

Yui is also a major cat lover: all her possessions are cat-themed e.g. a cat-shaped floaty.

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